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  1. You can already see that best PvP players from both sides left the server. Today I saw around 750 people online and it's sad. If you want to have real and enjoyable game you need atleast 3-4k online. There is nothing you can do at this moment, since we are on the last season new people will be not intersted in leveling that much. Tbh the only thing sunwell can do is archive this realm and make new one with strong advertisment. It's better to start from 0 with everyone. For now, for me, for lot of pvpers server is just dead. Cheers from Prominence. Someday maybe we will back all and
  2. and nope, this is not rocket boots bug (;
  3. Your name - EyjafjallajoReported player's name - Sarokh, Siddharta, NinoDate - 22.09.2020 16:00-16:30 GMT1Rule that was broken - Spaming with ready check on WGDescription - Players Sarokh, Siddharta, Nino were spaming with ready check on WG all the time, and ruin others game. I think they might doing it again, so I suggest 7day ban.Evidence - https://imgur.com/a/kUNmMHE (check chat)
  4. Date: 09.08.2020 Time: Around 17:10-17:20 What happened: Teleporting hack with flag from one place to another in long distance. @ WSG
  5. Hi, There is something fishy about this guy. As a 74 hunter he is doing to big dmg imo. I might be wrong, but it's first time I see something like this at this character lvl. Also some player was writing that his thunderclap doesnt kill his sneaks. I see that he has some blue gear with ench and gems, but cmon, he is like Bialas lol
  6. Hi, 1. Before new season honor and ap will be reset? 2. Is there gonna be vendor with Deadly wep @ Dalaran ?
  7. Well, i've made alliance char as well to compare the situation, and BG's were a little better, but it was just a little change, atleast on 80. Last week where twinks could play again it was massive honor getting fest for alliance, but again situation back to normal. So.. it's not about fraction you play, its all about PREMADES. Random BG's are now so unballanced cause of that. Also many people join BG with 1,7GS, there should be some lock like on dungeons where you can join to BG only with 2,5GS atleast.
  8. Your name - YiuReported player's name - IrdaxDate - 14.04.2020 Time around: 13:30-14:30 PL TimeRule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - Same situation like two days before. Now tank took the 2h axe for his off spec. Great ninjalooting on heroics. No one cares. But im posting here to show people how this is look and what people do. EXTRA: His guild mate defending him and saying that is fine! Talking bad things about me. This is how it looks. You let people doing what they want on heroics and now everyone thinks that is cool.
  9. Great! I hope it's gonna be implemented soon as possible for 80's also.
  10. Your name - Yiu Reported player's name - Gaiomarinaio Date - 12.04.2020 Time around: 11:30-12:30 PL Time Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - We were playing HoL Heroic. Gaiomarinaio was a healer on this heroic and in the end he need the DPS 2h axe wep. I think stealing DPS axe as a healer is forbbiden. Ps. You should ban people like that after first ninjalooting, it makes people game more nervous. I can even pay you a real money if you gonna start ban people. Evidence - His gear from armory: (I took screen right after game) + Bad Talk:
  11. No one crying here, smart people took a normal conversation, you don't. And you now nothing about my skill boy, and i didnt say that gear is more important than skill, but when u are facing skilled player as well, and you have no gear at all, you gonna lose no matter what you do. Nice to read that all when people actually care to make BG better experience, they have to face people like Groszkowy or Caise that just flaming and talking shit about someone ealse. As you said, I'll try alliance side, i'll not even wait for char transfer. If my exeperience will be the same, I'll came here
  12. Well, more bg's, more experience. It's not only the problem of gear, but also tactics. I was on few WG's for example and We lose everything cause people doing tower quests. Mkey, maybe I had one win, and we won barelly in last seconds. Same thing happening on SOTA, but sometimes if people listen, we can actually win. My stats from yestarday was like 5 wins and 15 loses. I doubt once I'll hit full PvP gear it's gonna change, maybe slighty. The only way to win a lot is premade, but how newcomers can do a premades if there is hard to join any pvp guild. Meanwhile alliance gearing faster. I saw th
  13. Caise i doubt problem is in on my side since other players in game have a same feelings. Maybe you play in premades or in diffrent time. I'm speaking as a fresh 80, i know my gear is not perfect, but im doing quiet good dmg and know how to play. I've take a look on the statistics and still mostly Allies win so I don't know where you get your win/loss stats, also there is a top players and belive me, i havent see them in game with me even once. A very interesting feature would be to balance the number of healers per team in a flexible way, e.g. start the match if both teams have e.g. >2
  14. I don't see that Caise. Maybe horde win more WG from what i know, but on regular BG's a lot of people just rage quit.
  15. Thanks for your posts! Well crossfraction actually sounds nice. With Team A and Team B mixed by players from both fractions problem with BG's should dissapear. Is that even possible to implement on this server? PS. There is also wierd problem with WG. Even if you add to queqe there is no chance to get in. Sup with that?
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