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  1. Torgot here. i have forever to say al least 2 simple things and repeat it every time u try to elude, Ms is the first Loot rule and the most fare one, and Dragos and I did roll for Ms so there s no reason to forbade winner what he won because ur the Raid leader. and we can not grant that it was a raid roll with good intention while u didn t wait for no one to roll after u and u did take what is for Dragos just after rolling with ur 10 maybe because u were sure that u will loose it anyway. sorry guys i don t agree that it was a misunderstanding as u said but screens and our
  2. Rino said main spec and Dragos won it for her main ... end of story and when she said raid roll she took it after her roll directly she didn t wait nobody to roll. well u re happy now with ur 700g or maybe less ?
  3. first of all , if i rolled it s cause i need it for my main and i were there as retry, the serge that u ninja is much better than my finger - [Ring of Invincibility] - and go check it. the second point, is i reported ur behaviour not because u had to give me the finger but it was simply a ninja and Dragos the hunt who deserved it as i said on the discription needed it for his main and she s the hunt who had 2 finger ith 174 gs when the finger that u ninja it was 194 gs. u have no right to take it as u did. the screens are clear i think. admit it friend u re a ninja
  4. Reported player's name - Rino Date - 25/03/2020 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - Surge Needle Ring (agility item) roll. took the item with a 10 roll because she was the RL and Loot Master (she s priest) , when Dragos(hunt) rolled a 49for her main.
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