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  1. You have a point, however the 3v3 is not so active, and solo queue could pick up the slack. You are also not obligated to certain queue times outside of your raid times which most players attend. Most people struggle getting a decent time where everyone is online and ready to queue , and hopefully other teams also play. Solo queue offers simplified queue system where you can login and start playing. Now you could add everything that 3v3 offers, but with higher requirements, making a 3v3 team require less effort. For example shoulders are 2000 3v3 rating requirement. Solo queue could have
  2. There's no reason to play 3v3 solo if there's no rewards in it. I understand that people might prefer to play solo que instead of 2v2 and limited 3v3, but it's gotta be a reason for people to choose solo queue and have something to look forward to climb this bracket.
  3. Your name - Zypx Reported player's name - Unlikely & Holydef Date - 20-21st June 2020 Rule that was broken - Scripting Description - Hello, As I was competing for the top in the 2v2 ladder, this team called "nocheatsmileyface" climbed quickly these last two days. After fighting them, we won and lost some. I noticed something odd after all these games. The paladin is using "Hand of Protection" at 0.1 second after "Defensive Stance" is activated. The same for warrior in using "PvP Trinket" on my "Intercept" stun 0,1 second after it was used. N
  4. Several people claim that Vyserk and Totsuka is back at it in both 2v2 and 3v3. Beyondlimit is now playing the character "Machine" apparently, should definitely be looked at.
  5. Your name - Zypx Reported player's name - Beyondlimit Date - 26.03.2020 Rule that was broken - Range hack Description - Clip from my stream showing clearly impossible range to hamstring, and shortly still available to use abilities while I can't. It's clearly visible if the video is seen at 0.5x speed. It starts with a hamstring, then mortal strike while my game shows clearly that I can't hit him with my abilities marked as red. Evidence -
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