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  1. Nazzgul

    Trade character?

    Are you allowed to trade characters here on sunwell? For instance i want to trade my mage for shaman. IF i find someoen who want to do the trade its possible? on otther server they have system like auction house where you can put your character on and trade
  2. Nazzgul

    [Report] Linen

    Your name - UrahReported player's name - LinenDate - 24/03/2020Rule that was broken - insulting other playersDescription - This guy was cocky throuought the whole dungeon. At the end he decided to insult me pretty bad and then spit on me for no reason. We finished the dungeon without a single whipe and everyone was being friendly except for this anti social guy.Evidence - Screenshots
  3. Nazzgul

    How can I transfer to Ally?

    Hello, I need to transfer my horde to ally. I have a lot of money. How can I transfer?
  4. Nazzgul

    Best PVE DPS

    it doesnt really matter. all 3 specs are well balanced in terms of dps. this is the cool thing about dk pve dps. Play what is the most fun spec for you. For tanking there is only one spec to conider and thats blood. For offtanking you might get away sitting in frost presence as frost or unholy..
  5. Nazzgul

    DK anti-class

    Definitely Hunter. A good hunter can kite a dk all day. You cant reach him. And you cant interrupt him because he is not a caster. Grab -> Hunter disengages. you re fucked. now you have to surive until your Grab is back up. Grab again -> deterr into snake or ice trap.... Only thing against hunter dk can go is really grab into pet stun then apply dot pop gargoyle. then go defenive and hope the dots will finish hunter off :D Paladin can be an issue when he pops his wings and hand of freedom. You cant slow him and he beats you hard. For that you need to time IBF and AMS, AMZ to mitigate as much damage as possible during that or if he doesnt HOF simply chain him and stay away. Enhancement shaman is rough too. You cant kite them and their damage is high and they do heal aswell.
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