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  1. Oh yeah, totally. The fact that an overwhelming majority of the 79 twinks were Ally was going to magically disappear overnight, or maybe level 71 leveler horde were suddenly going to become competitive against 20k+ health twinks. If you're wondering why the Sunwell staff doesn't take you seriously, it's for things like this. Namely, posting stats showing that there's currently one of the most balanced 70-79 brackets a server could hope for, but ignoring the significance of that objective data, and then making some completely ridiculous statement that the old situation was going to resolve
  2. You realize you just posted a graphic that shows ally winning 52.28% of the bgs in the 70-79 bracket during the past week, right? With over 1400 bgs played. That is about as good and balanced a leveling bg bracket as you are ever going to see, on any private server. Especially since Frosthold is past the "fresh" stage so it's got fewer levelers now. You should tell your guildies to level toons to 73 or 74 and enjoy playing in it. You can get a lot of bgs in during 6 or 7 levels, if you're willing to accept not having an unfair advantage. Which no doubt rules you out, but I'm just che
  3. So with every percentage you throw out, we just have to trust that your calculated it objectively and correctly? LOL. At least I provide a link where anyone can search the date in question and see for themselves the total domination at the hands of the ally twinks.
  4. Nice to see at least one twink doesn't live in some ridiculous fantasy world where the old Frosthold bracket was "normal" pvp. It was such an absurd and abusive situation that I literally can't believe that this Marian guy keeps trying to defend it. I don't know where he gets his stats, since he just throws them out without citing them, but the best sign of how the bracket was is by looking at the stats for the period before this thread was started. After it was announced that Sunwell was considering making this change, I noticed that, for the first time, some of the ally twinks trie
  5. It's hard for me to decipher your attempts at speaking English, but I do understand that you are making the absolute ridiculous statement that a horde win percentage of 33% on this day is somehow worse than a horde win percentage of 2% on the day before this thread was made (December 21, 2019). And what was the horde win percentage yesterday? A quick look at this link: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds/frosthold Shows more red than blue wins for yesterday in the 70-79 bracket. So one day horde does better the next day ally does better. That's called a balanced bracket. C
  6. Update: today the 70-79 bracket is even busier than the level 80 bracket, and it looks like Alliance is winning more today, after Horde won more yesterday: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds What an active and healthy bracket! Thanks Sunwell!
  7. Here's what he asked for first of all: "1. Unseparated - normal BG queues are back. (What I won't comment on, because it has already been proved in this thread why this is the only right solution on this kind of small private server.) " Translation: give me and my guildies I tell to vote in this thread the right to farm the levelers who are enjoying a balanced and competitive 70-79 bracket for the first time since this change (the actual data is clear). I'll admit I didn't read after that point, because it's completely obvious where this guy and other twinks like him are comin
  8. I assume the Sunwell staff isn't listening to your complaints because they can see their change was a success: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds BGs popping all day in the 70-79 bracket, and both sides are winning. Horde actually seems to be winning more today, which is a nice change. You're welcome to join the bracket- all you have to do is level a non-xp locked toon to 70 and you're in. If you choose to keep your 79 toon locked in a dead bracket that's up to you- you shouldn't expect Sunwell to listen to your ideas when your ideas are what led to the situation of ally
  9. I'm sure that on the previous realm the vast majority of twinks didn't decide to all go on one faction like you did on Frosthold. I leveled in bgs on Angrathar as well, and it was nowhere near as hopeless for horde there, like it was here. The admins started this thread on December 22, 2019. If you want to see the situation that forced them to act, go to this link and enter 12-21-2019 on the date: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds/frosthold You will see that, in the 79 bracket, Alliance won like 98% of the bgs on that day. Literally. That's the situation you are defendin
  10. Dude, I seriously followed the bg results in the days after Sunwell made the change. The horde twinks destroyed you. I know it. You know it. The horde twinks know it. And then suddenly ally stops queueing. That's what happened. I'm not saying the ally twinks never won, but we both know you got dominated. The one example of a win you managed to post was a 1-1 "win" (no idea why 1-1 is a win) in which horde dominated you in the charts. Here are a couple of more examples: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds/frosthold/23956 https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds/
  11. LOL, how to tell when a guy on a forum is really getting mad- the inevitable duel challenge. As far as how to recognize me, I'm the guy happily drinking twink tears in this thread, thanks for giving me some more. By the way, if you want me to prove my statement that ally twinks are bad, this is why your twink bracket died: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds/frosthold/24240 When you started facing horde 79s, you got destroyed and you allies transferred or stopped playing even though ally has way more twinks. Don't try to deny it- the results are right there on the website
  12. I didn't understand you twinks' desire to ruin my experience enjoying some 70-79 bgs on the way to 80 either. Face it, when you are bad players looking to boost your egos by farming helpless players, you make enemies. Watching Sunwell put the 79 twinks in their place has been like watching justice being done, and it's nice to see. And it's funny to watch the ally twinks beg for the return of a bracket where they won almost every single game.
  13. That's a BIG improvement over the horde win percentage when ally twink heroes were farming horde levelers in the graveyard. And you know it. I remember on some days ally would win like 98% of the bgs. But honestly, I really hope you keep posting and complaining. Nothing is sweeter than twink tears.
  14. Your guild fell apart because when it became twinks vs. twinks you kept losing to the horde twinks and your guildies thought "hey, I'd better go somewhere where I can farm level 71s- I can't handle this fair competition thing."
  15. Yeah, it's the admins' fault that, instead of the Alliance winning 95% of the 70-79 bgs, there's now a balanced bracket: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds Nice job, admins!
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