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  1. Hi there. Yeah it sucks that xp off bgs were separated from xp on bgs, but it happened for a reason. 99% of "twinks" were on one faction resulting in ridiculous imbalance that made the battlegrounds unplayable and pointless (except for these twinks who spammed bgs for 5-6 hours a day some of them). Despite pleas from people like me that some of these twinks should go to the other faction to make the games more fun and balanced, it largely fell on deaf ears. So twinking died on the server and a lot of people left this for another server. I don't entirely blame the server developers, it was
  2. What exactly are you claiming about Angrathar? Because any claim you make can easily be refuted. Alliance had by far the largest twink guild, as well as the third largest twink guild. They had more twinks in the top 100 kills, as you can go see for yourself, even now. Any claim that Angrathar was imbalanced in horde's favour is silly. There may have been days, even weeks when horde won more games, but this is normal on any server where things swing back an forth. It was nothing like Frosthold and any attempt to equate them shows you did not play for any length of time on Angrathar. I don't kno
  3. I played some games, enough to see what was what this time around. In the games I saw alliance always had a minimum of 2 proper twinks, plus a myriad of what you might call temporary twinks, those you described before who are high level and having some fun before 80, getting some easy honor (and they know every game will be easy). I'm not sure the distinction really matters. From the point of view of the horde levellers, those are all twinks. I saw enough to know the situation was repeating itself. And I saw plenty enough first time around to know how it would go. And if the admins hadn't
  4. When we had twinks v twinks battlegrounds for the week or so they lasted, horde won about 90% of them. That's when things were "fair". Blowing up standing targets of level 71 with large groups of twinks is not. So wait, you're saying you "deserve" to steamroll level 71 afk 5k health mages who stand still at the graveyard and don't move? This is some reward for your hard work? Huh? You had no problem with this happening, over and over, all day, all night. I told you twinks would get shut down if it continued, you ignored me. Twinks then got shut down (as I predicted), And now I see
  5. LMAO. Guess it's no longer a "horde problem" now. Hilarious stuff. You made the bed you're lying in.
  6. I'm just curious whether ally twinks are so dumb they're willing to repeat the exact situation that happened last time and risk killing twinking on sunwell immediately after it had been returned. I don't think it's a horde problem, I think it's *your* problem if you don't want twinking shut down.
  7. Just checking in to give my thoughts on the twinking situation on Sunwell. I played a few games and looked around a bit to see what was up. Seems that cross-faction has not been implemented (and may not be possible, let's face it) but the 79 bracket has (all too predictably) turned into the shitshow that it was before twinks got separated. In fact it's as if we just returned to 4 months ago. There are many twinks on alliance side (of course there are, they've been hibernating all this time, while all horde twinks levelled up) and many useless afkers on horde side, just as before (and
  8. Using the word "possibly" doesn't detract from the fact that you made a groundless smear against our guild. You had zero evidence that we were involved in poll manipulation and yet you mentioned us. You even had strong evidence that we *weren't* involved in poll manipulation, since the same source you used to implicate Marian cleared us of wrongdoing and said outright we didn't want anything to do with it. Yet you still smeared. That was dishonest. Everything else you said is just an admission that all of your accusations and smears are pure conjecture. You want to frame a narrative that
  9. And what "proof" do you have for your claims? You have your proof already as Denilor quoted word for word the only conversation that occured on our discord on this topic. So you know word for word what was said. Now where's your proof for this twink-wide conspiracy to manipulate polls?
  10. What does it say about me? That I'm not a snitch? Fine. But that's very different from what you were accusing me and those in my guild of earlier. You suggested we were involved in poll interference ourselves. We did not do this and we kept a big distance from what Marian was doing. You got it wrong. Why not just take it back? So another thing you got wrong. I didn't do anything to stop nor to encourage it. I had nothing to do with it whatsoever. I just considered it Marian doing Marian. Now if it were someone in *my* guild doing something like that, then maybe you could h
  11. Denilor removed himself from the discord, he wasn't kicked (ask him if you wish, he will tell you). He is the one who decided to out Marian, and that's his decision, we didn't know what he was going to do. I have no issues with Denilor, I think he's a good person, however, we don't really want private chats going public (who does?) However, you implied that our guild was involved in poll manipulation -- Denilor said nothing of the sort -- and that we guild kicked a "whistleblower", another invention of yours. Denilor himself said (and you are going by his word for all your conjecture so y
  12. You are clearly a dishonest person. Nobody guild kicked anybody. The person you're referring to left the discord (voluntarily, not kicked, not even asked to leave) because it was uncomfortable for us to have somebody "leaking" private chats, and not because we cared about manipulating any polls. This person didn't even in fact play on Frosthold. It's obvious that twinks are going to want to have an active bracket, some went too far imo in their enthusiasm for that, but you have no leg to stand on when it comes to honesty since you outright lied in this post.
  13. I am not surprised they "intervened", but I question the intervention they made and the basis on which it was made. Listening to the consistent whining of people who are breaking the server's rules game after game -- as if they are mandated to queue for battlegrounds to level -- is poor judgment in my view. As is not punishing afkers (if you don't punish a rule break, it will just keep getting broken). They should've turned down xp for losses, as has been suggested here multiple times (a suggestion never even entertained by any Sunwell staff as far as I can see) and not doing so is further poo
  14. Isn't it a little bit excessive to blame the whole "twink community" (with scare quotes no less) for the actions of one (two possibly?) rather passionate/obsessive individual? And he's only doing this because Sunwell staff appear to be making decisions based on the results of forum polls, which is rather absurd if you ask me. I think Sunwell staff themselves are difficult to take seriously, rather than address mass afking problem by actually, you know, punishing the afkers (nobody was punished, despite it being server-wide knowledge that it was happening every game for weeks on end)
  15. Yeah we get your point of view. You don't have to repeat it 18 million times.
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