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  1. Your name - ShatalorReported player's name - ShadoowDate - 15/12/2020Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting + scamDescription - So, when the raid ended and loot was being rolled the turn came to me and the boots [Treads of the Wasteland], and me and the hunter Shadoow rolled for it. Shadoow won the roll and i asked her why she was rolling for the item if she had the letherworking boots [Rock-Steady Treads]. She answered me that she just wanted money not the boots, and even after I explained to her the situation that she was in, she just didn't hear my words and still tried to scam me and wanting
  2. Your name - Melik Reported player's name - Nitro Date - 29/11/2020 Rule that was broken - 11. Fixed Arena and Battleground matches are strictly prohibited. Losing on purpose (wintrading/dropping MMR/etc.) will result in the following punishments: Description - After some bg's i saw that this rogue is ALL the bg's afk, he does some dmg at the begin and the AFK for the whole bg Evidence - Screenshot i've made while playing bg, and then some Screeenshots from the Page. I've compared his lvl 73 whit my lvl 71 rogue as u can see this dude was allmost whole bg's afk, I hope, this guy
  3. As said before the guy who won back is not tank
  4. Your name - Muertus Reported player's name - Pancement Date - 22/10/2020 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - I was doing TOGC 25 semi guild run, with one of my guild mate, after we kill jaraxxus the back for tank just drop, so as no one need for MS , 3 guys go to roll, since Orsa (who is my guild mate) lose the roll, so i ask in raid to the guy who won to set his tank spec , so as i figured the guy who win dont have any tank spec and just need the back to give to one his guildies who maybe need it, Evidence -
  5. Your name - ManortoReported player's name - Shiftytude & AnnoyingoneDate - 17/08/2020Rule that was broken - MultiboxingDescription - multiboxer kill me using their 80 to kill me (he attacked me),Evidence - some Screenshots So, i wanted to take STV arena chest, Since i wanted to get arena master , so i log to take it, and after chest spawn, Lvl 19 rogue attack me, after i kill him, his lvl 80 druid come out of stealh and kill me , that's not allowed
  6. Greetings Leveling , i will not defense that ninja looters but those guys trick you
  7. Also Check armory and u will see that destiny dont have a feral spec https://sunwell.pl/armory/Frosthold/Destiny
  8. 1º gibbs is 5k gs Paly tank so he dont need gs 2º that ring is a BOE so, he can need and sell it in AH 3º Is group loot so he can ninja all 4º Dont make raid with gibbs
  9. Tbh give Legendary items is quite unfair to that people that make lot of time to get by their hands Sunwell Team: Only unobtainable legendary/GM items will be added to loottables like Ashbringer, Frostmourne etc. We won't add Thunderfury nor Sulfuras weapons to loot obviously.
  10. Your name - SaidanReported player's name - ShadowformokDate - 06/14/2020Rule that was broken - Hate speech, about dead Description - he asking me about to dead Evidence -
  11. at the moment as the raid was done neruthan was member of the Guild
  12. You just get ninja, and gm's can do nothing cause that group loot srry and have a nice day PD: Edit dunno why u dislike me since im alli and just telling u what is going to happen
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