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    [H] [ITA] LF italian guild

    Contatta Maodruid - Manitary - Icedevil - Matrijx in Game
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    [Frosthold] Naxxramas - 4.12.2019

    So many hearsay and talk about the nothingness.. This tuning is nothing but decent for a cakewalk 10 years old content like Tier 7. Speaking about adding HP or DMG is honestly superficial af.. There are also other edits made by the devs if you read carefully, not to mention that this kind of QQs are just no sense to me.. It sounds, no offense, that you're trying to justify your "predicted future failure" beforehand, which is kind of embarrassing considering that is crystal clear that you're sh***ing on your pants because you've read "some giant numbers" without allowing your brain to process t
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