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  1. Marianekgrzyb

    Cenzorship - Lies -Twinks - Promises

    Brilliant! That's exactly what my goal is. More views! Let's have a little more argues here - no matter with whom, even with such people. Let allow rest find out how destructively admins works in different areas, and how they are lying in terms of fixing their own mistakes.They got rid of lots of people and they are in no rush to fix it.
  2. Marianekgrzyb

    Cenzorship - Lies -Twinks - Promises

    I often forget that there are also immature people on this forum, please forgive me. Either way - it is causing more views.
  3. Marianekgrzyb

    Cenzorship - Lies -Twinks - Promises

    @Stilnox I like doing it so I will give you collegial advice. Please, dont fucking mess up with topics that you have totally no knowledge of and which are not involving you at all of matter. You have totally no idea what the situation looked like before and after 2016, most importantly in 2018, and you have no idea how the administration behaves, in private nor in public. Find yourself another occupation to do.
  4. hey, @Azathothh @Sunwell Team its me again, starting to wonder how much more you will go to maintain your hopelessness in managing this server. I'm also starting to wonder that you are truly convinced that crossfaction battlegrounds is a brand new, great innovation that players have been asking for 7 months in the meaning as something they deserve. Its not. You just screwed up hundreds of players gameplay on every twink bracket including 19, 39, 69 and 79 by locking their possibility to play any multi pvp game here months ago with your mindless doings and to say it loudly -
  5. @Azathothh Hey, Sunwell I was suspended for 2 days for the so-called 'acting to the detriment of the server.' I found it quite funny due to the fact that actually I accused you for acting to the detriment of the sever. I have no idea now - whos acting more: me or you. It seems to me that you, cause I am representing a group thats a part of regular donators - demanding a quality. You on the other hand, in your total ignorance were ready to get rid of more than 5 hundred regular players only in january and february, by doing nothing more then locking our gameplay. We ju
  6. Hi folks I have an administrative suggestion for you. If you stop deleting inconvenient posts, you would definitely have more time to work and maybe you wouldn't have to cheat for months that something is still not working for you. Time is money.
  7. @Xavier, you will not get any reasonable answer on this topic. @Sunwell Team This pathetic server will die under the same conditions as the Theater of Dreams died under your command. These losers are impersonating the good name of Sunwell, which truly ended its activity in perhaps 2016. Dozens of promises, no less bad decisions, months of waiting for simple scripts and the total inability to create balance making pvp mechanics on any bracket 1-80. I witnessed a random boom when I came back here after a huge gap two years ago, made some cool buddies but that time didn't last long. We've h
  8. I'm sorry by telling you this, but it seems like you believe that the Sunwell Team is behaving at least rationally - unfortunately they are not.
  9. Marianekgrzyb

    Warglaive of Azzinoth

    I am extremely pleased and equally surprised to announce that for the first time in 2 years here on Sunwell, trying our luck almost every single week, we finally experienced such a special moment - Warglaive of Azzinoth drop. ?Congratulations goes to the winner.?
  10. Marianekgrzyb

    Situation repeating itself

    @przepu Your intentions - however correct they are now totally irrelevant. All this and more has been discussed here since December. We don't have to anymore. Hopeless and weak administration, which, despite a lot of the requests and ideas to equalize both factions at the beginning of the server - made a decision to ignore it all with success and solve it as worst as possible, forcing lot of players to stay or even more to run on Warmane. Approximately 200 only in January 2020. The solution to this, and actually the only chance to even think to rebuild the brackets at all i
  11. Marianekgrzyb

    Situation repeating itself

    Because i don't want to write back to the persons above that both makes me disgusted - I just want to add one and important thing that was not mentioned. It has been forgotten to add that we have privately and quietly asked GMs through various social sites - TO SEPARATE US AGAIN UNTIL CROSS FACTION INTRODUCTION - because even a child was able to predict how things will go. Cross faction had to equalize five times smaller hordes 70s community then, and now the total lack of it. Just like we have tested, we were able to play completely balanced games in 50:50 of us in each team.
  12. Marianekgrzyb

    Situation repeating itself

    I am very happy that some people who have not been here for a long months are interested in the situation, but it would be nice if they ask first hand how things going and looks, instead of unnecessarily resolving the affair with a problem that does not exist. I wrote to you privately, so I am highly invite you to talk about cross-faction battleground system on PM - that we are expecting to come in a short time - after the first (unfortunately unsuccessful) attempt to implement on live realm.
  13. Marianekgrzyb

    [Report] Rangahxqt

    Your name - Mariangrzyb Reported player's name - Rangahxqt Date - 3.02 ; 8.04 ; 9.04 / 10.04 Rule that was broken - insulting, aggressive behavior - [PL] public deflamation - [ENG] Description - The player is notoriously aggressive for no reason to me, people from my guild, or even other random players and I can see a lot of applications for this person so for that reason I decided to make another one. I don't have the habit of talking to such people, replying, I don't care about giving out ignores and taking screenshots. The only ones I have are those from February, which I only attach a
  14. Marianekgrzyb

    Battlegrounds under 80

    @Hatepoem And why should I object that someone would like to make a character on the ally side and play on both sides according to their own will? Many people do that, which is why I was quite surprised by this question. Although I think the topic is clear, I have told you from my perspective above how it was, please don't make me involved in any conversations. I will gladly answer private messages if you have any desire at all.
  15. Marianekgrzyb

    Battlegrounds under 80

    I disgust this forum and I was forced to use it only as a tool that allowed me getting contact with the administration. But even more I dislike when my statements are twisted - this is not the first time here. I care about sports competition, because of that I was glad when 4 people stopped being a twink as a result of separation, because they abused the rules of honorable play. I am restrictive in this subject to people who both leave games during action, abuse the graveyard farming and even more using free action potions. Thats how our rules works and once the game starts again soon - I
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