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  1. An actual delusional player over here Why are people so dumb and cant even read posts? they dont make bracket for 79 but for those with locked exp gain. "pathethic losers" are actually twinks like you, cant admit that all that matters to them is stomping those levelers to boost their ego.
  2. What an actual bullshit it amazes me XD "small advantage" its not even called battleground anymore, its just farmground as for now
  3. saky

    This player should be Banned?

    you are actually retarded if u cant find section for players report and post it here
  4. saky

    Profession for BE Retr Paladin

    If its your first time playing you probably dont prioritize min/maxing and the dps difference from various professions is small (not counting gathering professions as they are only gold profs) so pick the one you feel to be the most fun, thats all. As for enchanting it is one of the best if not the best profession for gold making but also the hardest to lvl up (gold wise) and might be tricky to actually making huge profits from it as its require some game knowledge about which enchants sells really well (some even from tbc or vanilla)
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