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  1. You say „I can show screenshot“ for rolling dps but you don’t. And it was announced as alg/thorim run and there is no tank loot on alg or is there? So you lost 0 loot when getting kicked before alg while there isn’t even a rule for kicking people I think. Ps. I am none of the accused people.
  2. You are ridiculous. Why so mad that someone found a better way then you to do a boss? And surely Sunwell will hire you know because your opinion is so viable! They better pay you money for sure ! Funny how you talk shit here but you are so afraid that someone knows who you are ingame that you even deleted your report post(from 2018) which probably showed your name 30 min after you created this Post here. But call others little girls and shit ❤️
  3. I found it on google litteraly in 1min while being on mobile. Litteraly first search and link i clicked on. Do your work. Not want to be a dick but atleast do minimum effort before you ask. €dit: ups forgot how dead Sunwell forum is. You probably figured it out or stoped playing already
  4. I felt like the same. you can faceroll all tot(g)c except 25 hc and that while being drunk probably. then 25 totgc comes and you go from that to having to play pretty clean with not one huge mistake allowed per boss or you wipe . I like that in hc 25 but others shouldn’t be super easy it’s just 0 fun and/or challenge there.
  5. So early ulduar my old guild wiped to ic hm when killing rune master first. Then we switched to killing stormcaller first and we killed it. Now with your logic that second tactic has to be an exploit and should get nerfed/„fixed“. you see that this makes no sense don’t you?
  6. That's on your end. I just tried and it ticks 4 times for me. Since i think the tick rate is relatec to haste you might just have super low haste!?
  7. Not even sure if double posting is forbidden but does anything happen now or do you just ignore it!? After all that time he might not even be playing anymore -.-
  8. Not even sure if double posting is forbidden but does anything happen now or do you just ignore it!?
  9. Hi everyone not sure if that’s the right sub forum but I hope so. people aren’t advertising lvling services „from 0-60 in 2h 0-68 in 2 1/2 afk method no mop tagging needed“(or maybe they say 3 for 68 not sure) so how how does that actually works? Like I know how to do it with mop tagging (high lvl pulls them together but doesn’t hit them then low lvl hits atleast once and high kills“ But first of all it takes much longer then 2h for that (Aggro radius is super small when 80in Löw lvl so pulling is a pain + I was doing ragefire chasm into scarlet into
  10. They had no intention rolling it after the Raid. As in screenshot 1 seen they rolled atleast 1 item instantly.... Why would they do that if they roll all at the end? Ty
  11. Atleast 90% of the time ppl role DE instantly or never do it... only like once or twice seen it after the raid tbh. But that's not the thing here anyways. As seen in Screenshot 1 (Citate:"I dont give a flying fuck it's a useless throwing weapon" and after i say i can copy paste him the rules :"I don't care you are wasting your time".) and screenshot 4 (Laurel the Guildy/Disenchanter :" Report me ok?") its pretty obvious they never had the intention to roll DE not instantly not after the Raid. Furthermore if they kick me in the raid even IF they would roll it after the raid wouldn't that b
  12. Your name - Orcy Reported player's name - Pestenegra Date -24.04.20 Rule that was broken - No DE roll/Ninja looting Description -Well another day another person not wanting to roll DE. This time after he didn't roll the first item and i wrote like 20 times he should plz roll DE he did it IF none of his guild members could possibly MS or OS roll on the item. Well here is one report for his guildy rolling MS on a Chest while he (the guildy) already has the t8 set chest. He clearly doesn't need it. (yes you don't interfer with priority decisions but thats pretty obvious not loot prio there... jus
  13. Your name - Orcy Reported player's name - Mograk Date - 25.04.20 Rule that was broken - Not rolling DE after no one needs MS/OS Description -Well yeah nax 25 mograk is RL and gives Items no one needed (spinning fate in that case) to his Guildy (Laurel - Both from "From the Ashes") without rolling DE and kicks me soon after cause i tried to do him the DE roll. Not to mention he never did group loot (on purpose) for trash so Laurel could get all the dust/disenchant but that's not too bad i guess. Evidence - https://imgur.com/a/soWxjqA Since i forgot to make the chat bigger i have some more sc
  14. You trolling aren’t you? you need this res + the gear and actually 3 pieces work better. you get a hell a lot of frost dmg there.
  15. Well sorry but you are doing something wrong then. except in the first week I never wiped (and did nearly only pugs) more then 1 time at anu
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