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  1. Azureuz

    [Report] Whitepride

    Hello, Player got punished. Regards
  2. Azureuz

    Omnika banned by Azureuz

    Hello, You got the plan but looks like something went wrong. Today, around 2 pm you were looking for people to buy your main account. You've sent a couple of messages in different discord channels. It wasn't that hard to figure out both of your accounts. The main evidence may be found here, due to security reasons your account name and id got covered, if you're willing to get more evidence please send a PM to me. Also, seems to be fishy that that immediately deleted Asathor character once your main account got banned, could you clarify it? Appeal rejected, due to the uncivilized behaviour and insulting the server staff through the tickets your account will remain banned.
  3. Azureuz

    [Report] Tarik & polish gang in RHC

    Hello, Thanks for the report, players got punished. Regards
  4. Azureuz

    [Report] Brissa

  5. Azureuz

    Flanelka banned by Azureuz

    Hello, Well, it doesn't look like a message sent immediately after the ban, you were banned at 14:02, so you needed almost 40 min to notice that your account got banned. You were not responding to any of the message while fishing, also your character was being idle while moving it to a different place. According to that I really doubt that you were fishing personally all the time while sitting next to your PC. That's your 1st ban thought, so I will reduce it to 3 days. Regards
  6. Azureuz

    Ban appeal - Enigmawitahoto

    Hello, Your ban got reduced by 7 days. The ban will pass on 3rd April. Regards
  7. Azureuz

    Ban Appeal - Wads

  8. Azureuz

    My account (orangemaster) was banned.

    Hello, Account has been unbanned. Try to not play such games in the future. Regards
  9. There's a short guide on how to connect to the Sunwell server. Go through all steps described below. Step 1. Download the game client World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a, that's mandatory to have the game client with the correct version! <- Torrent file. <- Client for Windows. <- Client for MacOS. <- LEGION Remaster client (Windows only)! Step 2. Edit realmlist.wtf file (World of Warcraft\Data\enUS\realmlist.wtf). Delete all its content and paste: set realmlist logon.sunwell.pl. (if you won't be allowed to save the changes, right-click on realmlist.wtf, then properties, then uncheck the read-only argument and apply the changes). <- Download realmlist.wtf file. Step 3. Enjoy your stay on Sunwell! Start the game with WoW icon! You can log in only with your account name (from WEBSITE not FORUM) , not your e-mail! You can't connect? 1. "Unable to connect" Reason: Wrong "realmlist.wtf" file. Even if you've edited the file by yourself, you could add an invisible space by mistake. Solution: Download "realmlist.wtf" file, link to which can be found in Step 2 and paste it where realmlist.wtf should be. 2. "Downloading Update" Reason: You're using the e-mail address to log into the Sunwell ingame account. Solution: You have to log in with your login (account name), not your e-mail address! 3. "The information you have entered is not valid" Reason: Wrong login or password (or both) Solution: Make sure that you're logging in with account created on WEBSITE not account created on FORUM (forum account is not connected to website or game!) https://sunwell.pl = website https://sunwell-community.com = forum
  10. Azureuz

    [Report] Mog

  11. Azureuz

    [Report] Starcaller1

    Hello, Check the report linked below.
  12. Azureuz

    Papaay banned by Azureuz

    Hello, We don't interfere with the owner of the account, there was a player using prohibited software and he got punished according to the rules. You shouldn't share your account with untrusted persons. You shouldn't have a possibility to appeal, however the realm has been freshly launched and we want you to have a nice time on Voltarus. Your account got unbanned, however your character will be added to our watchlist and the second offence with the same or similar reason won't get a possibility to appealing. Regards
  13. Azureuz

    Tree/Macron/Drydix - Multi Boxing - Banned

  14. Azureuz

    [Report] Cipelin

    The report has been solved, nickname transferred back to the original owner.
  15. Azureuz

    [Report] Keks

    The report has been solved, nickname transferred back to the original owner.
  16. Azureuz

    [Report] Keks

  17. Azureuz

    [Report] Misty

    The report has been solved, nickname transferred back to the original owner.
  18. Azureuz

    [Report] Cipelin

    Assigned. Please upload a screenshot that you're owning character named Cipelin on Frosthold or were owner of that character in the past.
  19. Azureuz

    [Report] Starcaller

    The report has been solved, nickname transferred back to the original owner.
  20. Azureuz

    [Report] Misty

  21. Azureuz


    The report has been solved, nickname transferred back to the original owner.
  22. Azureuz


  23. Azureuz

    [Report] Steve

    The report has been solved, nickname transferred back to the original owner.
  24. Your report has to be made using the template below. Evidence has to be unedited - whether it is a video or a screenshot. Topic name: [Ninjalooting] Name Topic content: Your name - Reported player's name - Date - Rule that was broken - Description - Evidence - Don't forget to add as many informations as possible and check the rule 22. about ninjalooting first! (Server Rules) It's a good idea to resize your chat if you're going to use a screenshot of them as evidence. The picture below is how it should look.
  25. Ninja Looter Detection System - some basic informations and how it works! List of proofs is part of the ninja looters detection system. It helps you to understand why players were added to the ninja looters detection system. Being on this list means that a specific player was considered to be a ninja looter. If you want to report a player for ninjalooting, please do it here: https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/158-player-reports/ Players can be reported for ninjalooting on all 10, 25 and 40 raids. Players are removed from the ninja looters detection system after 7 days. If they do it again, they will be staying on the list for 30 days. A player who was added to the list has the right to write an appeal. If the player wasn't removed from the list after a specific period of time: 1st punishment - 7 days, 2nd punishment - 30 days, they should remind the game master who added them to the list that they should be removed. Ninja Looter Detection System based on players' guids: A GUID is the unique number of specific character, so renaming a character won't change anything. If players change the nickname after being added to the list and claim that they were added due to a mistake, you can type .ninjalist and check all the players with their current nicknames. You can see two kinds of warning messages in the game: a) A Ninja Looter has been added to your raid! <Nick> was added to the ninja looter list due to the following proofs: <number of topic>/ https://sunwell-community.com/forum/190-ninja-looters-list-of-proofs/ b) You've joined a raid in which there is a Ninja Looter - <Nick> was added to the ninja looter list due to the following proofs: <number of topic> / sunwell-community.com/forum/88-ninja-looters-list-of-proofs After seeing it, you can visit the forum and check why the player was added to the system. Then you can decide if you want to assume the risk of collaborating with this person
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