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  1. Angrathar was a good server, but if people left there will be a reason. Many agreed that the raids had been opened too early, perhaps because some player can't stay calm unless there's a new (old) raid to do. Like children who if not given candy scream and wave their legs and arms. After completing all the raids and getting everything you could have, the number of players started to decrease constantly day by day. Then you thought that opening Frosthold would be different, you put time and effort into mythic and more. But again the number of players has decreased and the server is in this condition after a year. Now you're trying again with Voltarus, adding/editing something that wasn't on Angrathar and Frosthold.
  2. Xavier

    Low population

  3. It's not a bad idea, but if people here don't want pandaria I think it's the same or worse for the cata and because there are really few of us left now.
  4. What's your opinion on crossfaction?
  5. Xavier

    PVP is not dead at all

    It's true and there is nothing to do, this situation always happens, like Sunwell and the same for others. And when it happens, few remain. The rest goes to another server because the loss of interest in staying is mainly caused by seeing a few hundred players connected, despite the fact that several raids are still organized. For some, the main reason to stay on a server is that it must have a few thousand players connected. Just seeing so many players connected is the main motivation. Others thinks differently.
  6. Girl farts during taser training. [youtube]6QabCH7bSEo[/youtube]
  7. Xavier

    I'm happy!

    Well, this journey has come to an end, a seriously bad end But in spite of everything, I wish you the best.
  8. Xavier

    Sunwell Frosthold, Lack of Players

    The decrease in players has already started a few months ago. Anyone who sees this situation loses interest in staying, unless there is some change. But I don't think it's ever going to happen unless they decide to move on completely to something else.
  9. There are certain servers that continue to have thousands of players, because they have been there for much longer or for other reasons. In the case of sunwell and other servers like sunwell, after all raids have been opened, that's the normal lifetime of a server. Just a year or so.
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