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    BG pre 80?

    So I always like to spice up my leveling with some BGs. Is the population big enough to get reasonable que times pre lvl 80? Which faction would give me overall better experience in BGs?
  2. Myszorogi

    Very low fps [SOLVED]

    I don't have a gaming desktop, however since I was able to run current retail on fairly good details with decent fps I didn't expect problems with WotLK. Turns out - with everything turned to lowest settings I get 20 something fps and the game even lags at the login screen. It's wierd. I have i3 procesor using integrated graphics and 8 gb ram. Windows 10. Also when my cursor sometimes changes shape (to default windows one) and turns unusubale (doesnt react to clicks) usually when araound the center of the screen. Again wierd. EDIT: I had fresh windows install and needed to download ext
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