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  1. Sejkii


    Przecież wieczorem to 30 osób online maksymalnie
  2. Sejkii

    [Report] Terisia

    Your name - Nataliawruc Reported player's name - Terisia Date - 13.10.2019, around 9;00 pm ST Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - I joined his raid, played straight up to Sindragosa, and he kicked me after clearing trash without giving any reason. + He didn't give me a chance to roll item for my class. Evidence - screenshoots: chatlog:
  3. Sejkii

    Save the Sunwell

    "Warmane 12k" regards
  4. Sejkii

    [Report] Thexiled

    Your name Sejkii Reported player's name Thexiled Date 11.07.2019 Rule that was broken Vulgar language Description Whispered me with offensive language Evidence
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