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  1. Yes, feronis is shutdowned. You won't get your account, there were transfers to angrathar and you had like month for it.
  2. They said.....But i wouldnt count on anything
  3. When will you finally understand that wow its not only pvp ....
  4. Ok, now you see So just give us change fraction like you said because all time is disbalance(40% ally, 60% horde) and finally let ppl sell their 80 lvls chars. @Graal
  5. give us fraction change https://imgur.com/ZwwpF0F
  6. You can't get PVE BIS items playing PVP so you won't get those items. Simple If you need some trinkets or other items then you MUST play pve wheter you like it or not. If not then stop crying and giving some incredible ideas. You won't get them in any other way.
  7. Yea. I'm one of those ppl @Graal Can you think about it?
  8. Why you can't enable change factions? and you can't speed up transfers?
  9. Yea ;/ change faction is disabled on angrathar......I would also like to be able to choose faction after transfers especially that you cant buy it
  10. everyone above is right, it's a fucking joke....you mock from us
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