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  1. I think it's worth playing despite the problems I mentioned. I still play myself. But don't be surprised when you find some bugs. The game is not broken. XD curtain.....
  2. This season is not balanced, all dk's have "skill" now. Here it is bugs in every class. Example spirit wolff from enh sham does not give combat, thunderstorm is broken, Shadowfiend only walking and does not give mana etc. etc. Delay server is terrible, warriors can charge you through the grave in lorderon arena and attack through pillars. Most important bug is in arena system. You can got minus win ratio and still got 2,5k (look arena ranking - 8 teams got above 3k rating) Plus is that a lot people play.
  3. Disqualification from prizes is a sufficient penalty for using the scripts here. I lf script for "hold bind=spam bind", has anyone? Help plz.
  4. nope, i remember pussywizard and xinef add this delay in old sunwell. (so it must be blizzlike). https://github.com/SunwellTracker/issues/issues/1254
  5. l2p plz horde. I play here only for my friends if i cant play premades i will going out. Plays with noobs in crossfaction will cause more frustration in good players. Animals are animals and nothing will change that. edit: earlier ppls doing transfers to ally and lose too, the next step is cry in the forum. So where is the problem? In good players or maybe animals without brain?
  6. Czemu nie dacie bana temu pajacowi beyontlimit jak gość ewidentnie napierdala na haxach i psuje gierke innym? Wyłączenie z nagród ma być jakąś karą tutaj ? XD
  7. Who farming horde on graveyard? edit: Names plz.
  8. Hello Don't expect this bug to be repaired, I reported it two years ago and dev said he didn't see a bug. I have attached this video https://youtu.be/zapEJmzb7gE?t=2482 look 41:22 Everything was fine in real sunwell, now it's a sunwell parody.
  9. Przedstawione są tu problemy każdego serwera a nie sunwella. Jak chcesz zbawiać świat to usuń konto. Do kosza.
  10. Z czego wynika słaba/zła reputacja sunwella ?
  11. IN MY OPINION BG IN HORDE IS AMAZING. YOU ARE FORCED TO PLAY AGAINST ALLY AND HORDE. And this is not a problem eq but iq. In the horde, they mostly play animals that give no support and do for puppets. Recently, I was a witness when I was fighting with 2 players - as an ally in the rogue stood 20y from me and watched, as he decided to attack, he opened to pet dk. In my opinion, the only sensible way out are transfers of several valuable players from ally to the horde. sorry for english - this is google translator.
  12. Siema, mam taki problem jak w temacie. Jest kompletny brak lootu z tego bossa, ciało się nie błyszczy i nie można go stargetować jak zdechnie. Nie wiem co robię źle, na starym sunie wszystko śmigało. Czy ktoś może mi powiedzieć ocb? Z góry dziękuje. Pozdro.
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