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  1. Hello there, We will implement one more boost regarding Yogg-Saron 0 Keepers version on 25 man. It has been already added to table on the first post. Yogg-Saron Yogg-Saron Alone in the Darkness (25) Phase 3 starts when Yogg-Saron's Brain is down to 30% its health. Phase 3 starts when Yogg-Saron's Brain is killed. Change is affected only to Yogg-Saron 0 Keepers version. Table is now closed, there will be no more (blue values) added to this list. Best regards, Sunwell Team
  2. Hello there, It's just 5 days till Ulduar will be opened so maybe it is time to show you what we have prepared for this challange. First and foremost, both Ulduar 10 and 25 modes will have only prenerf values with two exceptions: Yogg-Saron 0 Keepers and Algalon on 25 mode will be boosted. Anyway, there are lots of general changes and we wanted to accomplish the following things: We have rewritten melee damage value for all Ulduar's creatures according to our pre-nerf researches. Many of creatures will hit harder/differently than before. Each boss has parry haste mec
  3. Hey, friends! First, thanks for your patience. As of right now, we're working on many levels, all related to Sunwell. We're aware that it's hard to meet all peoples' expectations, but we'll always try to make rational decisions while paying attention to players' opinions. Cutting the bullshit, let's get to the point. Please pay attention to the first post of this thread, as few things were modified. Everything listed in this topic will go live at the weekend at 24-26th May. Schedule: 24.05 - 6PM Realm Time: Honor Boost starts. 25.05 - Morning update:
  4. Hi friends, That's what we gonna do. Changefaction may appear if we notice huge disbalance of factions on realm. For now, you and even we don't know how many players will use transfer option, and how many of people gonna play here after transfer. There is 26384 characters at level 80 on Feronis so we will see does changefacion is necessary or not. For people who want to play with their friends on other side - there will be Black Market option available for 80 lvl characters. I see your point here and must admit you are right. We will transfer those BoA item
  5. Hi, As I said in this topic, this option will be available on the second half of May, not in the middle. We are preparing everything for transfers and eta time is around 1+ week from now. Specific date will be announced once we finish stress tests. Cheers mate, Graal
  6. Hi friends, 1.1 Ring of Valor point was added to main post. Forgot to mention about it yesterday I'll try to answer for recent questions from this topic and discord: Mounts and companions are spells so yes - they will be transferred. You will be able to transfer Death Knight character even if u have one on Angrathar already. Will it be possible to transfer char from Feronis Horde to Angrathar Alliance? - Unfortunately no, changefacion options are disabled for now. Which day transfers will be available? - We will set specific date once we finish stress tests, s
  7. Hi friends, Transfers will be free. Kind Regards Sunwell Staff
  8. Hello there, I'm coming with couple of news for you 1. Player vs Player Thank you all for attending in 3v3 tournament and Hunger Games party, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I believe we can announce that next tournament will take place probably 13-15 June. We will manage more free world events and organize better rewards for the best of you. We would like to congratulate our current winners: a) Hunger Games 1st place: Hagenau - Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD; 2nd place: Worldbestx - 2000 Sunwell Coins; 3rd place: Vanquis
  9. You will get info about Angrathar's plans including transfers after weekend We are working on something really big and I hope you will enjoy it.
  10. Hi there! New content is up with pack of new features to make your play more amazing! Honor Boost x2 is up! It will end on 20.04 at 10pm GMT+2 New PvP Season has launched! Records for boss killing are added! Location available with new quests and items - Ogri'la! Training Dummies in the capital cities. 2.1 Profession Items! Full list is here Call to Arms quests will change a bit: - It will award additional 50 Arena Points during Honor Event! After 20.04 it will grant with 25 Arena Points permanently. - Quests will also provide +3 Battleground M
  11. Blood-Queen Lana'thel, Professor Putricide and Sindragosa will keep their boosts as well. We're going to follow at PvE scene and we will lift the boost as soon as it's going to be necessary. If you want to keep them boosted we won't argue here ? Theme post edited. Best regards, Sunwell Staff
  12. Hey. In both this thread and on Discord, We've seen some concerns regarding how fast our ICC boost will be nerfed, namely: the Lich King. Many of you thought the boost was supposed to be removed today or tomorrow, but it's going to take a month, and the boss has been released for two months. There's lots of time ahead of you and I'd like to believe that you'll manage to defeat the Lich King. I also support your request: if LK won't be killed by, let's say, 3-5 guilds, the boost will stay, so you could face a formidable enemy. Lifting the boost is supposed to aid other players wit
  13. Hey there! Not so long ago, because only a week ago, The Lich King on Heroic difficulty was defeated. Big congratulations to Synthesis for grabbing the Realm First! ? I promised you some news about WotLK and the time has come. The PvE schedule looks like this: 27.03 - removal of ICC Boost from the First Quarter & Heroic Attempts amount set to 25. 03.04 - removal of ICC Boost from the Second Quarter. Professor Professor Putricide will keep his boost 10.04 - removal of ICC Boost from the Third Quarter. Blood-Queen Lana'thel will keep her boost. 17.04 - remov
  14. There will be post in next week about our incoming plans Cheers, Graal
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