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    Mount Hyjal / New Season Launch!

    " Karazhan Attunement got removed! You don't have to obtain The Master's Key to enter the instance. " ... oO ... I have a bad feeling about this - convenience was the downfall of all the later+current wow expansions. I just started a little more then 2 weeks ago on this server because I loved the idea of unnerfed content+attunements which are one of THEE reasons to play TBC. Even that you leave the requiered reputations on reverred (instead honored) to get the keys for the heroic instances is a really good thing. But Kara without attunement? Hm ... I am highly convinced that you have to p
  2. Here is the list: Helm: Rift Stalker Helm (SSC, Lady Vashj) Meta:Relentless Earthstorm, Yellow Socket: pure agi * Neck: Telonicus Pendant of Mayhem (TK, Kael'thas) Shoulders: Rift Stalker Mantle (TK, Voidreaver) 2 red sockets: pure agi gems Cloak: Thalassian Wildercloak (TK, Kael'thas) Chest: Rift Stalker Hauberk (TK, kael'thas) fill all 3 sockets with the pure agi gems ** Bracers: Bracers of the Pathfinder (TK, Trashloot) 1x blue socket: pure agi Gloves: Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation (Karazhan, Attumen the Horseman) 1x red socket: pure agi, 1x blue
  3. Jrti

    Survival Hunter pre raid bis

    Since there are no further lists for T4 & T5 I am gonna try it with this one for T4 content. I kept (copied) the descriptions from the starting post at the top for some of the items that stay in the gear (thanks to Kuntar). Helm: Demon Stalker Greathelm (Karazhan, Prince Malchezaar) Meta:Relentless Earthstorm, Yellow Socket: Jagged Talasit (green gem, 6 stam+ 4 crit) = bonus +4 Agi Neck: Necklace of the Deep (jewelcrafting) 2x Red sockets: 2x Pure agi gems Shoulders: Beast Lord Mantle (Steam Vaults, Kalithres) red and yellow sockets both pure agi gems Cloak: Bloo
  4. Jrti

    Survival Hunter pre raid bis

    Thank you for the list. But I have some souggestions to improve on it. Since you don't need that much hitrating for 25Raids (you should ALWAYS have a moonkin with improved fairy fire in a raid) you can go lower (48 hit = 3% + 3% from sure footed talent + 3% from imp. fairy fire) and take: * the badge back "Blood Knight War Cloak" * pants - "Scaled Greaves of Patience" from the 2. Boss (Captn Skarloc) in Old Hillsbrad Caverns of Time (normal mode) You can calculate with the "Expose Weakness Calculator": https://anybrowser.org/wow/survival_guide.html#calculator and the famous
  5. Jrti

    The Best Pet

    If you think about personal (ego-)damage indeed the wind serpent seems to be the best option if you hit the crit-requirements. Later on when BT and Sunwell comes out the ravager is the stronger pet, because it scales better with your AP in T6/T6.5 content. Blizzard nerved the damage of the wind serpent in later BC-patches. The other thing is that you lower the overall raiddamage with the serpent: The stormstrike ability of the enhancement shaman creates a debuff on the target = 2 charges of +20% nature damage of any source. Ele shamans and moonkins will profit the most out of it (and the
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