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  1. Trelhar

    Q about pvp

    Don't listen to that guy, he probably smoked something strong. Server is fine. Alliance is weaker in BG on average although it gets instant queues
  2. Trelhar

    Arena Team Disappeared - Just before the Flush?

    If he was the team captain yes, it's possible; he may have misclicked, or he was a newbie and didn't know or he just was a jerk, to find out ask him. You can prevent this by being the team captain although It never happened to me as a member (asking not to kick you may help).
  3. Trelhar

    Battlegrounds under 80

    From the facts you have stated, and that i recognize as truthful, it can be concluded that twinks are not viable on our server, either for conflicts with the levelling playerbase (who also voted en masse for queue separation) and for the lack of self regulation and sportmanship of a part of the twinks.
  4. Trelhar

    Battlegrounds under 80

    Sadly the bracket has been killed by twinks themselves. They were 15+ in both factions but as soon as they put twinks against themselves they all left. This is a concrete proof of how twinks don't care about real, equal PvP. Also I don't know if cross faction would actually replace the queue separation (it's not written anywhere), but if it does, I expect a backlash from the playerbase and imo they will be forced to separate the queues again.
  5. The issue with WOTLK BGs is that they don't differentiate between rated and non-rated match as for example Cata does, so organized premades have no other choice than to encounter often non-premading teams which can be frustrating for the latter if the premades start spamming BGs in a row. Cross faction would be nice to decrease faction unbalancing but doesn't help a lot in the single encounter: e.g 1 time alliance get premade "X", the second time horde gets the same premade in its team. that's great for faction balancing but not for the enemies, who may be the same everytime, although they have a chance to play along the premade and not against it. Differentiating matches between premades and not premades (say 2 people party max allowed in non-premade queue) would be very good for playability but I don't know if it's sustainable. Issues with premades tend to increase when the population is lower. Low geared team issues are usually transitory and really a part of WOTLK as there are, again, no team balancing mechanisms (afaik), which in fact are imo very deserving to be introduced as a feature. It's just how WOTLK is, and the "retail way" to correct this issue may be promoting faction balancing even further to bring it close to 50-50, which though afaik occurred rarely even in retail wow. I surely wouldn't despise smart mechanics (premade matching, gear bracketing, team/healer balancing...) to make this 10 year old game more balanced, they would make BGs more enjoyable especially if paired with cross-faction to reduce queue times. A very interesting feature would be to balance the number of healers per team in a flexible way, e.g. start the match if both teams have e.g. >2 healers, or both teams have none etc. Gear bracketing was tested on another server but afaik didn't prove very effective and was prone to exploits (green geareds with bis weapons); also it would be better to balance the overall team instead of aligning all the players to the same gs, to not deny an incentive for less-geared players to improve their gear, while still mantaining team balancing. It may be given the choice to queue for balanced+cross faction BGs or for unoptimized BGs; I would find it great. BGs are a great part of the game, either for casuals and more intense players, and I would appreciate any effort to make them more balanced by correcting some features old WOTLK missed. In this sense, twinks' queue separation and cross-faction (still to be introduced) are already very important steps in the right direction for which Sunwell administration surely must be praised for, proving to care to an optimal balancing of the game.
  6. Trelhar

    twink 19-29-39-49-59-69-79

    If retail mechanics don't suit you, maybe you have chosen the wrong game. GL
  7. Trelhar

    twink 19-29-39-49-59-69-79

    You didn't play WOTLK retail then, because it was introduced there. Also I don't get why someone who does not have a twink would bother making a new account just to write this thing, but anyway... today's BG count is atm 75 starting from midnight, which would make 5,62 matches per hour. How many more you would want?!
  8. Trelhar

    twink 19-29-39-49-59-69-79

    You're aware of the fact that Cross BG is not gonna mix levellers with twinks right? At least, they didn't write anything that suggests that. So I guess you are satisfied to get Cross BG queues within twink queue, right? It's not hypothesizable they are going to mix levellers with twinks again, except if they want a server wide complaint. It's simply very hard to cure that kind of cancer and then voluntarily bringing it back just for the request of 1-2 twinks.
  9. Trelhar


    For first, this is not true, also it's a blizzlike mechanic. You would like to have the previous state where twinks farmed levellers all day, which is something that never happened on any other server with that gravity, otherwise you wouldn't be asking for it. Then play against the other twinks or go 80. They are not going to worsen the server just for the sake of few players who want to abuse custom mechanics. GL
  10. Alright dude, I'm sorry If It seemed like I was smearing your guild (please remember, no names have been made at all), it was actually not intended and I personally believe what you say, which however doesn't exclude other possibilities. I have corrected the OP. Cheers
  11. Hey dude, speaking of mentals, imagine cheating on Sunwell polls just to feed your ego!
  12. One may or may not believe your word, but everybody knows twinks are interested in getting the queues back as they were, so It's not absurd to think more players were involved; anyway I think you're overreacting to my words. Actually not really, my statement in the OP is: "by hand of an Ally player (who used to enjoy the big 90%+ feast) and possibly an entire horde twink guild". I've never presented it as an accepted truth, maybe you read it wrong? I'm sorry if you or your guild got offended, that was not the aim, but you could provide some proof in order to clear suspicion. Also you are horde side, what do you know of what happened in the alliance guilds? Ok sure, Marian doing Marian, it's ok then... you just needed to look at the other side and act as it never happened, but then don't get angry at the reasonable hypothesis that someone else was interested in that. We know for sure someone (number ≥ 1) did it, the rest is just an hypothesis, which can make more or less sense. Even granted your guild has nothing to do with this wouldn't exclude the role of all the other players; don't try to prove a plausible idea by making such clearly exaggerated statements please. Nope, I wasn't referring to that situation but clearly the next one, when alliance twinks started giving up when they got farmed by the horde ones. Then you could have acted to restore a bit of balance and enjoy twink vs twink matches, but apparently you didn't bother? Up to now still zero proofs to support your very good words. You should have the means to provide them, what are you so ashamed of?
  13. Are you a psychologist? The one spewing senseless judgements are you, and I can assure you I'm very fine, thanks for the worrying I guess. I'm not the guy you have mentioned, I'm someone who has been following the topic closely enough by levelling almost any class of the game and playing at any level and "field", I very much like Sunwell's project and that's the only reason why I spent time on this. I know what I'm talking about and what I'm putting myself against of- which is your entirely argument-less way to present your ideas. Nothing has been twisted and I've actually been very careful. I don't know the exact bounds between the people who is responding here, but since you answered to my quotation to Ajax, why didn't you present the screenshots as I suggested him? You say what was said was "hearsay", alright I guess but we have just your word as proof. You're now resorting to even defend Marian by pulling out his English; that's what's ridiculous, not discussing server changes (something nobody here did yet). Since you are 4 people you could try making up a good argument instead of continuing your dodge-insult attitude. Not to mention the use of such petty strategies just for a game. Btw, if the administration considers this post problematic they can lock this one too and I won't be opening a new one.
  14. You knew of Marian, correct? You didn't report him to the admins, correct? That's enough to say about you and the other ones in that discord channel. Also yes, Denilor wasn't kicked in the strict term of the word, he chose to be diplomatic and go by himself because as you said his action, posting private chat, wasn't appreciated. But firstly, again, he didn't really publish any chat with real names. Secondly, and more importantly, it doesn't really seem like you guys did anything at all to stop Marian from doing that either, and I also think he didn't do all by himself (some of the answers in this post are pretty indicative too). By allowing him to do that you became responsible for it too. Dissociating within that discord, if you ever really did it, was really not enough. Let's now enlist two things you could do which would be better than just calling me a liar: - You could stop picking few words over the entire post and talk about the other points and especially on how horde twinks didn't do anything to balance the twink queues, just like the alliance did previously when they were winning almost any match - You could publish some screenshots of said non-involvement from your guild discord and how you guys are so honest and righteous and that you have reported Marian to the administration to rightfully stop that scam. You knew you had these two options and yet, up to now, you dodged them and preferred instead resolving to pointlessly calling me a liar. Personal attacks instead of answering on facts, just like the other twinks in this thread.
  15. Yeah, thanks for the downvotes homie
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