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  1. Ofelia

    Transfer from Frosthold to Voltarus.

    Both realms are dead and no serious reason or explanation why and what team is going to do in that matter!!! Inform us are there any chances to play at Sunwell anymore or not?
  2. Ofelia

    [Voltarus] Ulduar Information

    WHEN?????????? nWhen Uldu will be released where population is so low?
  3. Ofelia

    Transfer from Frosthold to Voltarus.

    Till that Time there would not be a reason to transferr anything into Voltarus which lost its population just now in the end of Apriel 2021 !!!
  4. WHAT ABOUT LOWEST AND LOWEST POPULATION OF VOLTARUS? so FRESHLY CREATED AND SO EMPTY SO SOON. Don't you think that creating new and new worst realms is not a good tactics to keep players interested in? I have used to play Feronis realm and i was satisfieed but ream became empty after about a year. My freiends went to Angrathar than me too. Angrathar became empty after less than one year and you enable to transfer characters from Feronis - I have done it than I had twice of charactewrs at Angrathar but because it was empty I have started to plat Frosthold. After equipping my new characters Frosthold became empty after 8 months than you enabled to transfer characters from Angrathar - than I have done it and i had 3 sets of same characters: 3 retribution pallys 3 dk's 3 druids etc. But Frosthold dies than I have start to play Voltarus - after only 3 months there is the same : Frosthold is completely empty (3-4 players in peak) and Voltarus is empty too - even any heroic dungeon is a problem do not counting raids Maybe you do something wrong by creating new realms not better than old ones? Its boring to collect still the same equipment and gather still the same points and emblems (honor and emblems), When my chgaracters become quite good staffed - server diees and it is waste of my time. I am personally disappointed by that neverending story and start to thing on other private servers more constant.
  5. Is there anyone whoi use transmorgification? It is stupid
  6. We were at raid "for the Alliance" and raid leader gave assistance to Nlco (NLCO) and MAY from Mocarne Szopy to gather more people. Their behaviour was awfull May linked old quests when we were in fight and Nlco was rude nd insulted me. Before killing Thrall he removed me from raid than i didnt achieve achievement and bear!!!! Watch out for those bad people - they all from Mocarne szopy are suspicious, dont rajd with them
  7. Ofelia

    OakIa druid is thieve

    Watch out for druid OakIa(name: O a k I (big letter i) a because he/she is a thieve. I took his/her to my guild because we had got do some raids together and i had trusted him/her - he had got a permission to withdraw from bank 50 stats - of course he/she stolen more valuable things and disappear. Of course it was my fault that I had trusted such creature but I want to warn all next potential victims of that trash. Maybe the character also was stolen, be aware of not fair players and thieves. Even here they are so often! and spoil nice game
  8. Ofelia

    Arena Season 7: PvP Information

    where is time period of that season? I am always durprised by not announced end of season - and nowwhere there is clear information when the season ends
  9. Ofelia

    Transfer postaci

    ja też się podpinam
  10. Ofelia

    Transfer from Angrathar

    Not bad idea. It is boring to developr characters again and again in the same way at all realms. Its frustraing and boring. If the transfer is not available i rather be search more constant server where character can exist by tfew years not only months.
  11. Hi staff members, all colleagues and friends I think that it is urgent time to do some changes in Woltka servers as follows: 1. Angrathar transfers to Frosthold should be available for free or for coins from angrathar, because many people lost an attitude to play WoW at Sunwell. Many characters were frozen at Angrathar than there is a proper time to unfroze them into Frosthold which is cold . Differences between equipment could be counterballanced by giving lower equipment or financial equivalent for unused equipment (or any other adequate re-cover). 2. The time for Cataclysm at Angrathat came in my oppinion. Yopu should introduce Cata at Angrathar or enable people to transfer characters into Frosthold (see point 1) We are staying at homes and wanna play at more interesting servers, othervise people would leave Sunwell.... as always
  12. Ofelia

    What Happend?

    Angrathar is dead
  13. Ofelia

    Server Transfer From Angrathar to Frosthold

    It is unfair to lose all characters from Angrathar - change rules of transferr e.g take some equipment used giving money instead but make it enable!!! What about money and time spent to develope those all characters at Angrathar?
  14. Ofelia

    Transfer postaci

    też się podpinam - chary się marnują na Angrathar a poświęciłam dużo czasu żeby je wyekspić
  15. Ofelia

    Black Market from Angrathar

    ? Hi people. Many of us have also characters at Angrathar and try to sell them. We spent plenty of hours developing them and gearing ... and now its wased time and characters. At Frosthold Black Market does not exist, I suggest to enable characters transfers from Angrathar into Frosthold via Black Market Frosthold should have an access to angrathar black market and so both realms and players will benefit of it. Some people who would sell characters from Angrathar will return there and Angrathar will come to life again. I suggest that only one way sell from Angrathar into Frosthold should be available at the beggining !!! Later an opposite way could be introduced as well. The same should be with Sunwell coins and that would be real cross - realm community!! Yours Ofelia
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