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  1. I dont see anything wrong. Agi daggers are not for enh shamans, enh shamans use slow speed one hand maces, onehand axes or fist weapons. Macstabby is an rogue assasination what means he uses agi daggers. tl:dr. GET REKT DUMB GREEDY GS BOT
  2. Well the awnser is simple. Horde playerbase is mostly oriented around PVE because mostly of troll and orc racials useful in dps/heal and tauren racials useful for tanking. Alliance playerbase is mostly oriented around PVP, because of human racial. In horde you almost allways can find people for RHC and raids, while in alliance you will see big lacks of that.
  3. Untill 58 lvl, dungeons are better option, especially when you play as class who can heal or tank, because you wont even need to wait when you just heal/tank dungeons till 58 and it will give you more exp/hour. Also another reason is fact that vanilla quests are poor in gear, while dungeons are full of blue items. WHen you play as pure dps spec, then you can just queue to dungeon all time and do quests while waiting. After 58 lvl, some people still spam dungeons, but you are just better with quests from that moment and doing dungeons from time to time in order to do qu
  4. Both combat and sublety are very nice specs for leveling. Subtlety leveling as vipermagi mentioned, is very rogue style, you sneak behind enemy, Delete him with "Ambush" and then move to another enemy. Its fun to play spec. Also subtlety rogue has many nice toolkit for world pvp, either engaging in world PVP or avoiding it. Basically sub rogue is all about oneshotting mobs with ambush. Combat rogue is basically a fory warrior with less armor and stealth. He is a open fighter and he can fight multiple enemies more easily than subtlety does.
  5. Frost is more fun spec than legit dps spec. Of course frost mage is a GOD when comes to leveling and low lvl dungeons (Especially with that sweet glyph of eternal water), he can perform well on low gear content like 5 man heroics and maybe naxx. Frost mage will do less dps than arcane or fire but that gap is pretty small while leveling or at low gear. BUT As gear progresses, the DPS gap between frost and fire/arcane grows. And at ICC+RS BiS(best in slot) gear, the gap is like over 6-7k dps. Probably you can play as frost mage on pug raids and it wont be much issu
  6. Actually both specs are good in their own way. Holy priest is dedicated raid healer (Similar to druid). Discipline priest is more like shield support, his main role is to put as much absorbs as possible on his raid. One single discipline priest helps a lot with his shields but because of weakened soul mechanic, its not good to have more than one discipline priest, so if raid has already discipline priest they wont invite another. Thats why some priest tend to have also holy spec. And about leveling priest as healer, then definitely discipline priest perform a lot b
  7. Yes stuff like that can be annoing but it is how it worked before and so it works as it was intended. And well, if you are leveling with friends. My suggestion is to level by doing random dungeons on dungeon finder instead of questing, its very effective in terms of exp/hour, and you can get nice blue items also. You just need someone who will tank, someone who will heal and rest of people from your pack will dps. And actually doing dungeons with friends is a lot of fun.
  8. Actually they didnt broke a rules. According to ToS its raid leader decision if he respects armor priority or not and he doesent have to announce that. But you can ask him about that and then make screen, if leader refuses to tell you if he respects armor priority or not, you should leave.
  9. Sometimes idiots happen. You should just forget about that. its not common, and i am sure you will get better party next time.
  10. well if someone has own list of people to avoid on 5 mans. there is another https://imgur.com/a/k7v4y4X
  11. Ok maybe its not from alliance but from horde. But if someone in horde needs somoene to avoid scrodin who literally starts votekicks for no reason. I tried to find out why i got kicked what i did wrong but when i talked to scolding, instead of awnser he just gave me ignore. Not cool buddy not cool
  12. For them it matter that other player is 30-40 less. Gankers are subhumans who only attack players who can't defend themselves otherwise they get owned. They literally run away when they see players who has same level.
  13. revenge HAH. that lov lvl player doesent have anything common with guy who ganked him. Gankers are just subhumans who suck at this game and just want boost their e-penis
  14. Let me explain it. Ganker are subhumans. They are not normal human beings, they are literally losers and subhumans who are allways mad. They are losers in real life, they can't achieve even things what normal people achieve. They are losers in wow, they with big struggle got into 80 lvl, at 80lvl they suck so hard at both PvP or PvE they didn't manage to get any gear from PvP content or dungeons. Even 75 lvl players bully them in northrend. That's how losers they are. So they go gank players who have at least 20 less levels than then because they can one shoot these without w
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