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<Wells of Silence> EU/NA 10/25 man raiding.

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"[H]/[EU/NA]<Wells of Silence>Semi-serious,international raiding guild,currently looking for exprienced,conscientious individuals to join our two 10 man cores (goal: 1 ea. EU and NA),building 25 man roster.Raid times Sat/Sun , times TBD. (also wends might be added in also.)

3K minimum gs,working mic and English fluency required for consideration.You should know and have your preraid BiS,research raid encounters if you need refreshing,and in general be a good guildie.

We like people who know what they're doing and can handle themselves in pinch,but don't sperg out when they don't get their way.We have fun,don't take ourselves too seriously,and plan to hit our 'stride' when Ulduar drops;farming Naxx,Voa & OS til then.

If that sounds good to you,/w me,Draeger or Fliri for a ginvite and discord interview.EU and NA welcome.All classes,specs will be considered.

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