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<Washed Up> Sayonara Nightbane and Thanks!

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Ken    2

Goodbye! Have a beautiful time!


Today <Washed Up> will officially dissolve its raiding roster on Nightbane. When we decide to quit projects, it is a thought out and involved process that is never easy, but it is always because we want to focus on other projects in WoW. We've been raiding on Sunwell's Angrathar for about 6 weeks now and decided it is a higher quality server with more population and thus more worthy of any time investment we want to put into WoW right now. Our time on Nightbane has been the shortest we've ever stayed on a server, and there are reasons for that involving the forecast of Classic as well as the way Nightbane turned out.

Why did we decide to play Sunwell Nightbane?

We were excited about Sunwell's Nightbane from the moment they announced the server was going into development. We were there on the PTR for 5 full weeks and worked closely with Graal, Piootrek, Adrestia and Crafty to ensure the realm would turn out to be as strong as it could. Sunwell has a top tier development team, and this fact was one of the driving reasons for us deciding to go full measure on Nightbane's release. Sunwell Angrathar's Ulduar was the most recent WOTLK we played before switching to retail to play BFA for a bit. It was the quality of Ulduar on Angrathar that convinced us Sunwell was truly a fantastic private server studio capable of managing and developing top tier realms. We play a variety of expansions and private server projects, and in the last 2 years we have played (in order): Warmane Outland, Twinstar Hades, Warmane Outland, Sunwell Angrathar, Battle for Azeroth, Sunwell Nightbane, Sunwell Angrathar. Our core is malleable, we have a large player base and we chase fresh as well as return to our older servers once fresh has calmed down. We are both loyal and fickle. After being disappointed again with a new WoW Retail xpac, we were looking forward to a new project to bridge the gap between then and Classic's release. With our experience on TBC in the last 2 years, we knew we could be a top competitor in the T5 race on Nightbane. If you've played private servers within the last 6 years you know that North American guilds very rarely achieve server first on any server. Most private server guilds are run by EU staff and it’s not a coincidence that EU guilds almost always win progression races on private servers. EU community is much more vibrant and populated than the NA community on every single realm. There are almost no realms where NA outnumbers EU. We wanted to play Nightbane and our goal was to beat the same EU players that dominated the scene on Warmane Outland, Feenix Archangel and other recent TBC servers as we knew most TBC players will always play an upcoming fresh TBC realm.

Regardless of what we are doing we will always play consistently and play in the interest of the realm we are dedicated to. If we are playing a server, we want that server to succeed to the best of its ability. We tested every tier of Warmane Outland and tested all the release content on Sunwell Nightbane. We have hours of experience testing TBC private servers, and we are experienced in how the tuning should be handled. We are by no means all knowledgeable of TBC and its inner workings, but it is a fact that we are experienced and have valuable information to offer regarding testing. We test servers to ensure our time investment will not be squandered just because they studio didn't have enough man power to test their product. We thought that our time would be valued by testing the server despite us knowing it was rushed and understanding the business side of private servers coinciding with the forecast of Classic.

We had our entire play time here planned out, we knew that Classic was coming and we would be playing that, and understood that we would likely not be playing past T5. We full cleared all raid content after its release on December 15th by January 9th. We anticipated that after progression raids ended, we would continue raiding Nightbane on a 2-day schedule, full clear T5 until we got bored or found something better to do. We saw that Angrathar was coming along nicely, saw that it was boosted, and understood that if we continued playing Nightbane we could eventually make the switch to Angrathar to start playing around the time they started to remove the boosts on Angrathar's ICC. Our plans lined up perfectly, and we stopped raids on Nightbane on February 25th, but our process is always iterative, and we kept Nightbane on the table as a potential realm we could play on if we felt like doing some T5. With T5 on farm and our goals achieved with most of us in full BiS, or close enough for us to not care to pursue gear acquisition any longer, we knew our time on Nightbane was winding down.

Why did we decide to stop playing Sunwell Nightbane?

As I mentioned earlier, we are fairly deep on Angrathar right now raiding on a 2-day raid schedule and just generally not playing the game nearly as much as we were on Sunwell Nightbane's release. This was our intention as we wanted a period of downtime before Classic for our members to handle IRL and generally come into Classic with organized and stable lives rather than overexerting our player base right before Classic's release by pursuing new projects at the rate that we usually do. We never intended to play Hyjal Summit; it was something we saw as a hard "Maybe" before we witnessed the events that unfolded during Nightbane's release. After experiencing the release of Nightbane we were leaning more toward not playing another content patch on Nightbane as we didn't feel it lived up to our standards. Also, like most TBC players we don't really see Hyjal as worthwhile raid to do progression on. It is probably the least liked raid for most TBC players because of the amount of trash and how poorly scripted the path finding of this instance historically is on private servers. On top of this, the progression of Hyjal rarely lasts longer than one lockout and we did see ourselves farming Hyjal for longer than one lockout. We went hard on the release of Nightbane because we knew it would showcase our guild's ability to play efficiently from level 1 all the way to Kael'thas death. Hyjal Summit isn't a worthwhile stage to showcase our ability in any serious setting. 

Our core saw Nightbane as a negative time investment and decided that it would be best for us to focus on other things, things that were more fulfilling and allowed us to maintain the casual nature of our raiding schedule in anticipation for Classic (ie. lifted boosts on Angrathar's ICC). On top of this, we experienced a side of Sunwell that we were disappointed and saddened to see. It was really like lifting up a rock to reveal its seedy underside riddled with the unfortunate side effects of a server that was rushed and forced to work backwards because of a rough launch. Overall, Sunwell Nightbane gave us some memories most of us won't forget from our private server careers and for that we are thankful. Despite all the drama and the things that happened behind the scenes, there are still people dedicated to the longevity of the server despite how delusional the general population believes them to be. It’s our belief that if Sunwell were to release another TBC server in the future that it would do well and Nightbane was simply a large scale and long term test realm to hash out their TBC product in order to release another at a later date as well as treating Nightbane as a legitimate addition to their business model.


Let’s be honest, despite all our rage we were all just rats in a cage on Nightbane. 




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OldTimer    0

Nice post!I also sayonara with nightbane,cuz this server is done for.Great memories tho!

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