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PvP disbalance - Transfer from Alliance to Horde

Transfer from Alliance to Horde for PvP players (for Alliance)  

  1. 1. Do you mind waiting in long queues for battlegrounds?

    • Yes, we are waiting way too much in queue for battleground.
    • I'm not waiting long in queue for battleground.
    • No, I don't mind.
  2. 2. Would you like to transfer your characther from Alliance to Horde because you want to be able to join Wintergrasp and other battlegrounds?

    • Yes, I would really like that option.
    • No, I like Alliance and I'm not interested PvP.
    • No, I would stay Alliance but I would like other players to transfer for shorter queues and Wintergrasp balance.

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Tinadmc    3

Hi, I would like to draw attention on PVP situation on Angrathar. Alliance are generally way more active in PvP than Horde, and we are always kicked out from Wintergrasp because Horde is not interested in PvP enough, and not to mention that we are waiting queue for battlegrounds for at least 15-20 min and often more than that. Considering global Alliance chat on Angrathar, not just me but a lot of other players would like to transfer our characthers to Horde (pay for it ofcourse) just so we can play normal PvP. Someone should really make it possible. Who cares if percentage of Horde players is higher than Alliance when all Horde players are in dungeons and raids and PvP is not balanced. And restrictions regarding transfering and balancing Horde and Alliance players should be based on PvP activity. What you say guys?

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