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Dittdot banned account

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ditdatdot    4

Topic title: [Dittdot] (Banned by Naevys)

Character Name:[Dittdot]

Punishment Reason:[apperently i was using a bot program

Game Master:[Adrestia]

Summary: Hello, I am trying to get my head around the fact that someone has felt the need to report me whilst i was killing clefthoof and thorngrazers in Nagrand, so i can level my LW proffesion.

I had a conversation with Naevys and Adrestia who have told me they did some kind of test and decided I am using a bot program. This is not true.

I really don't understand how else i am supposed to farm leather. I was simply going from one beast to another, as fast as my mana would regen, so i can get my skill level up to 375.

I have never used a bot program.

I have played retail wow since 2007, and played on private servers for the last 3 years. In all this time, i have never cheated, or been banned. I am a genuine player, who was just minding my own business, farming leather.

This is quite annoying, as I am being accused of something that is not true. I understand that you have to clamp down on scammers/cheats/botters or whatever you call them, but I am not one of these people.

Please can you  unban my account, I have a raid tomorrow with my guild "She Had Me At Lok Tar".

Why would I jeopardise my raid time by using my main char I raid with as a bot?

If you want any of my guildies to vouch for me, they will gladly do it. I was on discord with some of them at the time i was banned. They were just as shocked as I was.

I hope this can be resolved as fast as possible please, I am positive that this is just some kind of sick joke somebody is playing on me.


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Naevys    8

I performed three separate tests on you to see if you were botting. You failed all three tests. Your ban duration is for 7 days. I will not be reducing this. Please do not bot again.

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