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Completely unsatisfied

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Zizzou    12

Hello  ,

waw , 

First of all i'd like to say that Verbal abuse is verbal abuse , regardless of where it takes place or what /channel it was on , 

So , here's the link to my first post '' 


so after 5 days of waiting , i get a response '' 

You choose to be in that guild and we do not interfere with guild related issues 

Please add the player to your ignore list '' 

so he can just go on and continue playing as if nothing happend after he insulted the fuck out of my mother and me , called my mom a whore and called me a faggot , and you just say '' ignore him '' ? WHICH I DID ! so he sent me msgs on to my other character '' Zizzou '' in first and second screen , and to '' Rumbum '' in 3rd screen , i ignored him there too , so he sent me shit through other people as you see in screen 3 ( all the screens are in the first post )  , i'm completely baffled and shocked with this response , '' you chose to be in the guild '' WAW , as if that makes it ok , as if that makes those words less hurtful , 
years ago , i got a permanent ban on league of legends for saying '' fuck your mother '' when i was  kid , now this guy says and repeats that many times , calls my mom a whore & calls me a faggot and keeps /w me with different characters everytime i ignore him and you just say ignore him and he can just go on and continue to play as if he didn't do anything wrong ? 

The insults happend in /whisper , so this is not really a '' guild related issue '' , which shouldn't really matter anyway , even if it was , cause verbal abuse is verbal abuse , regardless of where it takes place . for this to be completely dismissed just because we so happend to have joined the same guild as trials at the same time is beyond me , as if sharing a raid or two together is now a permission for this kind of behaviour , and for me to have literal proof of the degree of his insults and then simply be told '' ignore him '' and he can just go on unpunished as if what he said ( and repeated many times ) wasn't hurtful enough ,,,

I ask you to please revisit the screen shots , maybe look for a tunisian on /global to translate to you if you don't trust my translation , but please don't just tell me '' oh you joined the same guild so this behaviour is ok '' , cause this is not even related to the guild , this is bad behaviour & verbal abuse . 

Thank you , 

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