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My all team banned by Crafty

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Tyrgi    0

Character Name: Dendri, Hakkuna, Krasznal, Sani and much more...
Punishment Reason: teleport hack /and propably gold selling?/
Game Master: Crafty
Dear Crafty or other almighty GameMaster,
in first - I speak with GM Adrestia about the situation and it has been clarified that my team is looking like gold sellers...
I don't know how to proof that's not true.
I'm playing my own RPG on Nightbane server - tank, dps'es and heal. Their have own profs. They need so much gold for skills, etc...
I spent a lot of time (really a lot) to earn gold in both AHs, looking for occasions. Exping, making profs, helping friends, being better player.
You can check that my played time is enormous, because I played legaly really hard.
I know, I made a mistake turning on illegal program. You don't need telling me that.
Please, open my accounts! I can punish more time and suffer on waiting... but give me possibility.

Thanking you in advance

I don't have so many ScreenShots from Nightbane yet - so sent only two, my team fun and first 1k selling on rods :)



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Azathothh    198


Ban duration on 4 of your accounts is reduced (other accounts will remain perm banned).
Please keep in mind that any offense on any of your accounts will result in perm ban for all of them.

Best regards.

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