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[ Report - Harassment , Insult , foreign language , Threat ] Laboulangere

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Zizzou    12

Your name -Zizzou
Reported player's name - Laboulangere
Date - 07.03.2019 and again on 10.03.2019
Rule that was broken - Harassment , Insult , Foreign language 
Description -

Ok , so the 3 screenshots below are pretty much self explanatory , 

I say in /guild chat that he's the one being toxic , and it starts . first in /guild chat , then in whispers , chaine insults in a foreign language ( Tunisian ) 


1st screen :  '' Fuck your mother you **** '' in /g chat

2nd screen : '' -Your mom is a whore i swear , / fuck your mother , cunts as usual '' 

now the 3rd screen , can you even believe this ? TWO DAYS after he insulted me and i simply ignored him ,  TWO DAYS LATER in a raid , he sends his friend to /w me what you see in the screen , which i took as a threat cause we both live in the same city , ( 3rd screen , '' labo '' is short for laboulangere ) 


Someone who insults and keeps insulting you and your mother simply because you said '' you're the one who's being toxic '' , and who tries to stalk you even days after , even when i don't respond , please don't just give him a simple mute , as that will certainly not derail him from repeating this kind of behaviour .

Thank you for your time 

( Quick edit added : 4th screen , bonus harassment , when i /ignored him on thursday 07.03.2019 , and ignored his friend's msgs yesterday , because we're in the same guild and therefore use the same teamspeak , he sent me what you see on the 4th screen , which translates into '' Laboulangere sent you a poke '' does your family know you're a faggot ? '' )







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Tide    163


You choose to be in that guild and we do not interfere with guild related issues 

Please add the player to your ignore list

Kind regards

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