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Tanking Morogrim as a Warrior ?

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Tephal    0

Hello guys, I'm in an existential crisis. I cannot tank Morogrim Tidewalker.

My gear : https://legacyplayers.com/Armory/Default.aspx?charid=599790 (itemset 2)

So basically i'm a 4P T4, fully tier 4 geared warrior.

Using a full mitigation group setup (Devotion Aura, Grace of Air Totem, Blood Pact) along with elixirs of armor and agility (and ironshield potions) I'm getting hit for ~7000 damage autoattacks. I'm using Shield Block on cooldown to mitigate crushing blows, but there comes our favorite friend : parry haste.

On a parry, if I lose my shield block stacks due to increased swing speed and get hit by a crushing blow, it's basically death : 15K damage crushing blows.

Having approximatively 18K HP, I died with an instant Tidal wave into crushing blow : 3k5 + 15K damage.

I have been able to survive some crushes, but in this scenario I just die.

I've tried many things, going for double stamina trinkets and gemming stamina (that would have gained me like 1K hp, which wasn't enough of a deal to survive), then back to a more avoidance-oriented playstyle. My guild tells me to go toward expertise to avoid parries, but I simply cannot reach the parry reduction cap (60 expertise) and pure avoidance (on the items I have) outvalues the expertise i can get from another item (Basically Ring of Unyielding Force VS Shapeshifter's Signet). 

I don't know if there are ways to play around this, because a parry haste can either have no effect or just be an instant attack, so it's hard to plan cooldowns around it, and I'd rather keep them for scenarios like 2-3 healers that are bubbled, etc.

What am I doing wrong ? And what's up with the damage also ? 6-8k swing that turns into a 15K crushing... aren't crushing blows meant to do 150% damage ? We're near 200% here...

I really need to find a way to tank this boss, my guild basically skips me tanking bosses at all because of this (I have absolutely no problems tanking other tier 4 and tier 5 bosses, we successfully killed Void Reaver yesterday and I never died during our few tries), and I spend my life tanking trash and sundering bosses, and we basically do all T5 content with double druid, simply because a 15K crush becomes a 8-10K crush on them with their armor, making it less of a one-shot situation, even though I take less damage overall counting my avoidance.


Thank you a lot if you can help me with this.

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Puceau    1

Script is bugged and earthquake consumes 1 shield block charge unless it was fixed but I doubt. So you will get many crushes during the fight.

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Gambitsun    0

Sorry for the late reply, but the forum was bugged for me the last days...

I'm a warrior tank myself and I have tanked Morogrim several times on this server. Haven't been crushed once yet.

So let's see..

First of all I have to admit that I'm not a fan of full avoidance/mitgation gear on warritanks pre full t6 gear, but I guess it's a viable option for those who like it.

There are several things to consider when fighting (this and other) boss(es) which some of them you already mentioned:

- Ironshied Pots

- Agility Scrolls

- Scorpid Sting

- Demoshout/Thunderclap 100% uptime

- Shield block on cd

- Nightmare Seed

- Devotion Aura

- Grace of Air Totem

- Imp

- Armor buff of priest/shaman 100% uptime

- Shadow embrace (Afflilock)

- Fortification Flask or Agi/Armor Elix.

- Make sure you don't get hit by any murlocs.

- watch your aggro: if you are ahead by a lot, feel free to stop autoattacking and use only styles for a short period.

- Don't be afraid to use shorter cooldowns (e.g. trinkets) even before dropping low.


Besides that, there is nothing you can do. You should have around 25k armor with shaman buff/ironshield pot. that is more than enough...

Your gear is way better than mine was the first time I tanked him.

What other tanks do you use in your raid? Two ferals or is there also a pally maybe who could use blessing of sacrifice on occasion? 

Lay on hands is also super effective, since you get to armorcap for 2 minutes. (just before the fight or in the fight when needed).

Btw I can't see your skill tree in your link.. It shows me an empty one when I click on it.





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Tephal    0

Hi !

So, for consumables i'm using agi / armor elixirs along with a 30 stam food. Ironshield potions on CD. Didnt used scrolls yet !

My group is using devotion aura, imp, and grace of air totem. I have 8 healers (we only have one druid so basically 7 guys that can proc the armor buff).

Shield block is at 100% uptime so are improved thunderclap and improved demoralizing shout crushes come mostly from Shield Block stacks being lost to parry hastes :(.

Yeah I might consider the "not attacking if ahead on aggro" trick, I guess thats the only way to play around this. For trinkets i'm kinda unlucky as I only have the adamantite figurine, which is an armor active trinket...

Haven't thought about scorpid sting. Along with a mongoose proc that may put myself below 10% crush chance without shield block which is decent.


I might start making a nightmare seed stack thought.


I'm starting to tank other bosses and I do perfectly fine (I can even keep aggro after Void Reaver's KB and i'm taking little damage on A'lar)



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Are your locks using CoR?

Also I find 18k hp with imp to be VERY little, perhaps use fort flask and stamina trinkets. 

While avoidance reduces the overall damage you take, it makes you very vulnerable to high damage spikes.

Seeing youre running 8 healers, it will be easier for them to heal a 20k hp tank with less avoidance, and with this amount of healers the fight will be rather long, making you even more prone to spikes.

Hope this helps,

Cheers and gl on moro

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magnos1234    0

Are YOu sure that any murlocks didn't attacked  You and consumed Your Shield Block or are YOu sure that You always have RAge firstly  for using and keeping Shield Block instead of using other spells ? 

we did  Moro xx times and always only with 6 healers like whole SSC  and we never had problem / of course tank getting hudge dmg but its a boss for YOur healers so  its look like YOur healers are really bad :P

Tank Just have imp buff always WF totem no Agi not needed and someone of Hunter have to keep always Scorpid Sting and any Shaman or Priest keep armor buff 

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Tephal    0

Yeah, no murlocs. 

I think it might be my healers.

We did Vashj tries yesterday, 6 healers, only one priest, I was the main tank, and guess what ? I died quickly at first, then the next tries... I stopped dying ! 

And I think Vashj arguably hits way harder than morogrim does. They do the same damage, except vashj shock blast is 7K and can be followed up by autos that are either misses, hits or crushes (because im stunned) and they did sucessfully heal me trought it, without using a nightmare seed or what.

I'm not a "full avoidance war" by the way. I'm just picking up gem socket bonuses instead of going raw +12 stam everywhere, which is not a big loss of HP for the damage that may be mitigated... I guess ? Plus I'm using a Goblin Rocket Helmet (+45 stamina) trinket. I might transition to flask (because its cheaper than elixirs on raid progression) thought.

Right now, fully buffed with a Commanding Shout and a fortification flask I'm sitting at 18.8K HP.

Edited by Tephal

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