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65. Orjhara

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Topic content: Orjhara ninjalooting in TOC25

Your name - Superlativ
Reported player's name - Orjhara
Date - 2019-03-06
Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting

Description - A plate chest dropped that received no rolls for MS, and then no eligible rolls for OS. Orjhara then gave the item himself. I questioned him on this, saying that the item should be rolled for disenchant and/or selling to vendor. He replied that that wouldn't happen and that I should "read the rules" and then told me to shut up. In the beginning of the raid, he never stated that items that receive no eligible rolls for MS>OS will then be taken by him. Therefore, it's clear-cut ninjalooting. Chat logs clearly show all of this in the screenshot.


P.S. He also cheated the roll for a BoE ring from an earlier boss where he rolled MS but never equipped it, which is especially scummy since he had stated that if you failed at MS>OS rolling you would receive -90 subtraction from your roll. Unfortunately I haven't configured to save longer chat logs so I don't have any proof of this, but wanted to mention it. Additionally, he had reserved Solace and after a single, fluke wipe on Anub he immediately left, since he had no interest in continuing the raid and by doing so jeapordized the ID for 24 other people. All in all, indicative of very poor character.
Evidence - @Tide @Asureuz

World of Warcraft 2019-03-06 14_25_27.png

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