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<Moisty Boys> [A][NA]

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<Moisty Boys> [A][NA] Recruiting one off tank for our first 10 man group as well as a full Group 2 Core(All Classes) including a raid lead. The guild is focused on 10 man semi-hardcore raiding with the intent to hit 25 mans as well. We intend to raid Wed/Thurs from 830est-1130est roughly.

We are a tight-knit skilled group looking for more players to simply enjoy Wotlk and all of its content. We approach the game in a casual and fun manner (as per our guild name) , but have full intentions of progressing through the content fast with a competitive mindset

PST me in discord (Nekomi#7153) or Nekomia in game! IF you are looking for a laid back guild that is still committed to raiding. 

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