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Alliance PVP is dead, or maybe never even was a thing.

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crunkmoon    6

Doing battlegrounds as Alliance is absolutely awful. Every single battleground Alliance starts outnumbered by at least one. Every time, sometimes more. And not only that, but your best geared player on Alliance is going to be out geared by the Horde's best geared player. Furthermore, it's not uncommon for the Alliance's best geared player to not even have as good of gear as the Horde's WORST geared player. It's unplayable. No amount of skill can over come the odds of not only being outnumbered, but also being grossly out geared at every position.

Not only is it not fun for the Alliance, but there's no way it can be fun for Horde either. I just don't see how you guys (Horde) can enjoy rolling up on an Ally player with 6.5k - 7.5k hp 2v1 or 3v1, pressing 2 maybe 3 buttons TOPS, and then combat's over.  

In Warsong, about the only bg that you can get a queue to pop, there is so little combat, 90% of the game is an unkillable Tauren feral druid with 11k hp in cat form running flags while the rest of the Horde sits at base of ally tunnel and gy waiting/hoping for anything to happen. There's no way that's fun for anyone involved.

And the worst part of all of this is, you can't fix it. There is really no solution to this. Alliance PVP on this server is just nonexistent.

I wanted this server to be healthy but I don't think it can happen. Even if you had a sudden influx of like, 500-1000 alliance only players, it would still take an entire arena season before everyone was able to catch up gear wise. You wouldn't see balance until season 3 or something.


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