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Thunderstorm (3.3.5)

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Parkour    25

Does anyone play multiple servers and feel that Thunderstorm on Sunwell is weaker than the others?

I believe the knockback itself isn't accurate to what I remember (retail) but that may be due to being used to other servers.

Currently the boomkin knockback seems the strongest knock back in Sunwell which isn't quite right, that should have like a 5-10 yard knockback whereas I believe Thunderstorm should be 20-25.

Another problem is that the knockback doesn't launch them "upwards" enough so it's very easy for them to catch the slightest terrain and not go anywhere at all.

Just some thoughts.

Crymorefgts, 79 shaman, Phantom Fish

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shamshock    0

You are not wrong about this Thunderstorm here is not useful at all at times for reasons u mentioned. Especially in arenas its a gamble as u mentioned even the slightest terrain stops them, you cant even throw ppl from the bridge in Blade's Edge Arena most of the time how pathetic is that.

Edit: I was looking for this issue and i just realized this was posted almost a year ago, shame its still not fixed  

Edited by shamshock

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