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Rdudu Needs Some Tips/Help

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Lorender    0

Hello fellow Druids!

So i have started playing as rdudu few weeks ago, atm i reached level 72. And i am curious if i am doing everything alright. At end game i will be focusing on pve, and also some pvp only bgs.

I would like to get some help from experienced druids, to see if i my talents are good and my rotation. Any help would be amazing!

My Talents:

Screen shot 2012-02-16 at 11.59.36.png

Rotation that i mostly use is:

Applying Rejuvenation and Regrowth on tank, and making sure it's always up. On DPS, i mostly apply Rejuvenation and use Wild Growth if i can see that it hits atleast 3 people in group. And sometimes Swiftmend or Healing Touch+Nature's Swiftmend for near death situations. I dont use Lifebloom as it looks like a waste of mana. Sometimes i run out of mana, very quickly, so maybe something is wrong in rotation or is it possibly my gear?

My current Professions are Herbalism n Alchemy.


And that's about it, if you have any tips or help in general with my rotation or talents, feel free to leave a comment!

Thank you all in advance. :) 

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Ulthar    5

First of all, get an addon for Clearcasting proccs (TellMeWhen does it for me and its easy to configure) and use them for Lifebloom. It heals fairy well and when conjured with Clearcasting costs no mana yet giving you half of the base cost. This one trick will greatly reduce your mana problems.

Early on mana can be an issue even for resto druids, so you can buy Innervate glyph as you will probably be using this a while (you will probably not change it untill you will start raiding).


Speccing into Revitalize (that Tier9 resto talent) also helps with mana problems. That talent can give you whole mana cost of rejuvenation with 3/3 when it proccs on you. When you hit 80, one thing you can buy to cut your mana problems in half is a Naxx25m idol, 213 iLvl, that greatly reduces Rejuvenation mana cost. Keep this one even later when your gear progresses - idols are considered as weapons, can be changed mid fight. Useful to equip that even with better gear when you, for example die and got CBressed/had soulstone.

Knowing a dungeon encounters also helps a lot. When I was lvling my druid as resto, i knew when i should rejuvenate whole party and when is is enough to only put one on the tank. When someone is not used to healing overally, this is not advised tho. 


Nothing more comes to my mind for now and no time to write more specific. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, will try to answer them ;)

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