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1x Drop? I dont think so... - Issue

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Tomcat    19

First of all i wanna say that english is not my netive language so... sorry, i will do my best :D

I dont have any "hard proofs" for it so i wanna post it in here - not on bug tracker... and check your opinions about the case.


I think we don't have 1x drop in open world. This is first time in my entire TBC "carrier" when i have problem with gold in game.

There is almost non white/gray items drops from regular mobs in OL. I drop more Rare 70 items (blue) then white/grey crap. To be honest... i dont even remeber i drop this kind of items in OL atal (few days online /played).

You can kill like 20 elemntals in Nagrand and loot 1 mote.

I dont have hard proof for it how it shoud be... but imo its defenetly somthin wrong with that drop.


Just look how economy looks like in Nightbane (at least in Horde site). Its just sux.


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