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sixxtysixx    6


***We are POLISH speaking guild, mostly PVE oriented, which decided to move on this server from 4.3.4 expansion. Our members are dedicated, devoted and very ambitious people who aim as high as possible. Besides all the game aspects, our raids are led in friendly environment and if u wanna be one of us - be prepared for a group that can always have a good laugh ^_^. We have our own TS3 channel on which we spend a lot of time (while or not) playing. There's always someone doing blablabla :D.***

Our progress on Cataclysm server:


Throne of the Four Winds

The Conclave of Wind  H

Al'Akir H


Blackwing Descent

Omnotron Defense System H

Magmaw H

Atramedes H


Maloriak H

Nefarian's End H


The Bastion of Twilight

Halfus Wyrmbreaker H

Theralion and Valiona H

Ascendant Council H

Cho'gall H

Sinestra  H



Beth'ilac N H
Lord Rhyolith N H
Alysrazor N / H
Shannox / H
Baleroc / H
Majordomo Staghelm N H
Ragnaros / H

What we offer?

  • Experienced guild management which knows and plays with each other for many years on many serwers.
  • Help in every aspect of the game.
  • Raids 7 days / week at regular times both 10m & 25m raid versions.
  • Place for both casual and hardcore players.
  • TeamSpeak3 channel where something is happening 24/7 ^_^.
  • BG's and RHC's with guildmates all the time.
  • Council & bislist loot system.


What makes us so special?

  • Professional leading of raids in nice (and even very nice ^^) atmosphere.
  • We are very active in the game, as well as on TS3 where we spend a lot of time, even outside the game.
  • Each of us has a specific sense of humor, perversions and others of this type ^_^.


Requirements to join us:

  • MINIMUM 2,5k GS to participate in raids (10m) and 3,5k GS (25m). <- this section doesn't concern casual players ->
  • Knowledge of tactics and mechanics (at least in theory) of every encounter in current content (T7). <- this section doesn't concern casual players ->
  • Availability on TS3 with active microphone. <- this section doesn't concern casual players ->
  • Actvity on the game and guild chat as well.


Raid times:

Weekdays (start) 19:00 pm st - 22:30 pm st (end)

Weekends (start) 19:00 pm st - 23:00 pm st (end)


Class & specs with high prio atm:

Dudu (bala, feral dps, tank)


Mage (arcane)

Priest (shadow, holy)

Shaman (enh)


*If you play a different class / spec but you know how to do nice numbers - we can make an exception*




10m - 15/15 + undying (3 groups)

25m - 14/15



10m - Sartharion + 3D alive

25m - Sartharion + 2D alive


Eye of Eternity:

Malygos 10 - 1/1


Contact via priv message on forum or whisp to one of our officers in game:









Our support in all it's glory 




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sixxtysixx    6


~First off, RECRUITMENT~

Currently high priority are classes like:

-Mage (fire, arcane)

-DK (tank, frost dps)

-Warrior (dps)

-Paladin (holy, prot)

-Shaman (dps)

-Druid (dps)

Besides recruitment restrictions, WE CONTINUE TO INVITE everyone asking about it :).

~Secondly, RAID TIMES~

Weekdays (start) 7 pm st - 10:30 pm st (end)

Weekends (start) 7 pm st - 11 pm st (end)

This section may change in fear future (depends on players and their availability)

~Thirdly, SUM UP~

At this moment our community counts around 35 ppl (15 from our core squad and next 20 declared to play with us). It's very exciting how fast we are growing up and all that 1 week before server's release :D.


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bmi    1

Avoid this cancerous guild at all costs. All the people I have encountered are incompetent idiots. AFKing in RDF to get kicked, being really bad at WASDing, general attitude problems.


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Silnychlop    3

Sup bro,

I see that you have any concerns / problem about our guild. You'll probably surprise but I've met similar cases with people from other guilds and I'm not trying to spoil their reputation because of a few such cases. In addition, we have no full influence on the behavior and gameplay of all guildmates.
Today I will raise this topic and talk to our people about this problem. If you will have again contact with something like that from our people , write me a priv on the forum or in the game.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cheers, Silnychlop

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