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exp Arogue LF guild

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daggie    0

Hello i'm rogue with 10y experience in this game (mostyly as rogue)

about me: im mature polish player who can speak english too. i played on tbc server as my 1st, next was nexus server with toc content and after that i came to old sunwell's feronis. there i made all from naxx to halion hc (endgame gear and spec was combat). everything was made by hours of progress not just "alt boosted". i won invicible :D i was raid leader of "bane of the lich king" group leading inside frostmourne. multiclass kingslayer (rogue dpriest ppaladin hunter). im friendly and helpful man. I like share my exp with others to make them better players or solve problems faster. im playing here for half year but i can go raid with guild from now (earlier i was playing on my old notebook i had to choose one: discord/ts3 or wow).

about my rogue: my nickname is hrabina and it's human assasination rogue 4.8 for now. i try gear up with stats prio not like gs bot - but it doesn't mean i have no arp, but epic item with arp is better with +80ap and haste than blue item with 2 statistics (eg 50ap + 30haste). i know my bis list and bis for combat at endgame

what im looking for: (best) eu / pl guild with insanity 25 ready for icc progress and place in 25raid man group (i know im not geared for 1st gladiators group in your guild cause i guess u have 5.4 rogues but if you have 2nd group i can get better gear there and then who knows ;] ). if your guild doing 4/5 hc 25man with insanity 10man and missing rogue im also interested. contact here or in-game

i got also dobrabania - dpriest 4k as alt so sometimes u can also get me there

feel free to ask me for anything in this case

see you soon ;)

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