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[H-PvE] She Had Me at Lok Tar

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Mshate    0

We are a group of experienced players that has already cleared TBC content on other private servers and retail. We have decided to regroup once again for a new challenge on Nightbane.
Our core is a mix of both NA and EU players since the guild was first established on another server about 3 years ago, for this reason we will be raiding Saturday & Sunday 8PM Server time (EU) / 2PM (EST NA). 

What we expect from you:
•    Team player attitude, we don’t want loot drama whores or anything of the like, gear is a means to an end whilst progression is ongoing, this is the mindset we would like our raid team to have.
•    Know your class, whilst we will certainly always help, we will not be literally holding your hand. You are expected to at least have an understanding of your class in a raiding environment.
•    We only have two raid days at the moment, 90% attendance is mandatory, if you cannot commit to this please do not apply for the raid team, explain you wish to be casual in your application. (If you apply as casual DO NOT expect a raid spot when raid nights happen unless we need bodies)
•    As the server is fresh and money is tight, we can compromise with 1 gathering profession, we will expect you to have a plan for a second profession that will provide benefit to the raids. However it is mandatory that you have at least 1 profession that will contribute to the raid and your class at this moment. As we progress further you will be expected to have both profs that benefit the raid comp.
•   We use discord and expect you to be able to be accessible through it, and would prefer if you had a mic and can speak. If you are an important class to the raid comp such as a tank or healer and have to make calls it will be expected of you to be able to communicate through voice. 

What to expect from us:
•    Loot Council raids (our officer core is experienced and knows the best place the guild will need the gear, trust in the process you will get gear fairly)
•    Experienced players with a good attitude, you will not be screamed at and in a toxic environment and we expect the same from you.
•    While we raid 2 nights a week at the moment we will be clearing content with that as our main goal, we will be prepared on our end to move forward through bosses quickly and efficiently. Come prepared for that.
•    Raid nights and rosters will be posted in advance as soon as we know what we expect to be coming to the raid, we will communicate all necessary information to you at least a day or two before raid night so you can be prepared. 

Classes we are recruiting:
•    Shamans of all specs
•    Protection Paladin
•    Retribution Paladin
•    Beast Master and Survival Hunter
•    Restoration Druid
•    Balance Druid
•    Mage
•    Shadow & Holy Priests 

If you feel this sounds good to you, please apply at shmalt-nightbane.shivtr.com and whisper one of our officers in game. 

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Mshate    0

Just to update what we need as we fill our second kara group and prepare for 25man content.
-Holy/Shadow Priests
-Ele Sham

Again feel free to message any of the officers in the above post or apply at:

Best of luck to you all out there!

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Vindawg    0



Recruiting the following classes to fill our third Kara group and move into 25 mans:

Restoration Shaman

Elemental Shaman

Holy priest



Arms Warrior

Survival Hunter


If interested, feel free to message Shadowhate, Vinni, Buckbolts, Pallysk in game or apply at https://shmalt-nightbane.shivtr.com/




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