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How To Appeal

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Adrestia    44

Welcome to the Appeals section, where you can appeal on if you feel you have been punished wrongly by a Game Master, based on their decisions around your actions and the actions taken against you. You may also ask questions about the current state of your punishment, and we'll be happy to help.

Please be sure to keep yourself up to date on the rules here, and remember that if your appeal is to be found frivolous, you may be considered as intentionally wasting our time which can result in extended punishment times and/or forum suspension.

To help ease us into reviewing your appeal, be sure to use the following form:

Topic title: [Character name] (Banned by GmName)

[b]Character Name:[b]
[b]Punishment Reason:[/b]
[b]Game Master:[/b]

In each appeal, you should provide your character name, your ban/mute reason which can be found via checking your player panel on the main Sunwell site, which Game Master whose punished you (found on player panel as well), and as well as providing a summary. This helps keep the threads clean and allows us to review faster for each case.

Our goal on Sunwell and its accordant realms Nightbane, Angrathar, and Feronis is to provide a friendly environment which aims to weed out foul language, botting, and other actions that we consider rule-breaking here. We expect politeness and respect in the section here, as the Sunwell staff have the right to not consider your appeals if they are discriminatory and may result in yours ignored and possibly warned by the staff.

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