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LF Guild - New to server

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1DaniJensen    0

Hello, i'm not new to private servers but I am new to this one. I've played WoW for 10+ years now with about 8 years of it on retail. I've tried multiple Warmane servers and they're ok but I won't be going back. I'm looking for a good home here, I've done a good amount of reading and trolling around on the forums before I posted this.

On retail I mained a DK tank for the majority of my time and switched to DPS for my last few years. Breath of Sindragosa as frost DK during the most recent expansion was amazing. I played frost DK as well on Lordaeron, a Warmane WotLK server and was basically top DPS in 99% of the raids I did. I was a Guild Master and Raid Leader for almost to all of the time I've ever spent playing WoW. I'm over that though and I don't want to really lead anymore, maybe raid leader but nomore being a Guild Master for me. I'd like to just sit back, shut my mouth and be an amazing DPS for someones Guild.

Now there's the question of what class to play. I briefly played a Warlock on a TBC server and again ended up being top DPS in 99% of the raids I was in. But my roots are always strung to being a DK. Looking at the census here, DK has the lowest population which leads me to making a DK. But then looking at guild recruitment posts, noone really needs a DK. I've always been fond of enh shaman and my recent spring as a warlock. I've always noticed a high need for moonkins and I believe moonkin is always awesome however, I hate and will never main a moon chicken, i hate their appearance and will never do it :)

Some guild leader/officer respond to me here, take me in and tell me what class you need an awesome DPS for. The client is downloading and I'll be on server soon, I'll level fairly quickly and I need zero help with anything, maybe some bags would be nice.

I don't need a 25m raid team, i honestly love 10m content and having a tight group. But I do need a solid guild that raids regularly and doesn't really have problems with filling spots. I'd like to earn my place on your raid team.

I don't normally play alliance, I posted this exact same post on the horde side here too. I'm open to any and all possibilities for my WoW future.


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