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[French Guilde][Ally/H2] Zealots

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zaeloth26    0

Hey there !

Zealots is coming on Nightbane as soon as it comes up !


We will try to round up French speaking community. We will decide as majority if we play H2 or A2 (We don't need people that think : If we don't go this race i won't come


Concerning raids, there will be 2-3 raid per week. From Sunday to Thrisday. From 20h45 to 23h45-midnight

As there will be a lot of new player on this server, we won't be top first guild, but we will have serious raids and will be aiming to be around the best guilds on Nightbane.

Strawpoll will be done few weeks before launch to know which class you wanna play and make something optimized for raid


If you want some real information just add me on Discord Kuaker#7888 or answer this post

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MrCulé    227

Hello @zaeloth26, please write also this announcement in English, because English is the main language of this forum. French announcement of course can stay as well! 

Thank you in advance! 

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