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Harrasment in game, on my stream and stream discord and the sunwell discord

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Sankadudul    2

my ingame name: Sankica

player named Lyntixx and lyn#7184 on discord harrassed me in game, on my stream and in my private discord server, he deleted the mesages in less then 20 sec but i managed to catch a quick screenshot from one of the harrases in the sunwell discord, https://gyazo.com/014d8fcb01b6620df573a982af03c0a1(if u dont open gyzo,ill also include it in the files)  all started when he posted this without our knowledge: https://gyazo.com/583cb73f9e9702708b4ded0d1b6df6b2 the druid was a dc-d healer and we where w8ing for him, then we kicked him after 5min and searched for another and i was the substitute healer untill we find one, then we found one and we proceeded to wipe 3-4 times on the first boss, after that i asked for a kick because it was already 30+min on less then 20mobs, he didnt want to do it and i just teleported out of dungeon after ress, and told them to kick me, and still nothing,he thretened with some screenshots and a GM banning me, to speed up the story the group disbanded after 10-15more min of trying and dying constantly, then he proceeded to harrase me on my stream+everything mentioned in the title/start of story, he also provided 2 screenshots in the #screenshots of your discord server, i am fine taking the punishment for not wanting to leave group in dungeon as long as he gets a punishment for his actions accordingly, sorry for wasteing your time with this petty kid problem but i dont want to be harrassed, the translation of the screenshot i provided means: 'u fucking idiot u will get burned (burning someone alive or a corpse dont know exactly which one he ment) i fuck your decomposed mother' he said 2 more sentances after taht but i didnt manage to screenshot them in time b4 he deleted them, i think he is serbian, and my country(croatia) dosnt have the best relationships with his country because of the thing that happened in the past, i also listed the screenshots he provided from discord




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