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[A] (NA) <Mediocracy> Recruiting for Su/Mo 6:30pm PST / 9:30pm EST start.

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<Mediocracy> [A](NA) is recruiting!

Guild Mission:
To create an enjoyable yet competitive guild/raid atmosphere. All players are expected to respect each other in both words and actions. Respect includes coming to raids on-time, buffed, knowledgeable and prepared; to be focused to clear content together. 

Guild Expectations:
Guild needs always come first. Raid spots are determined in the following order ---
Class need > Ability > Attitude > Reliability > Seniority 
We don't want cry baby victims, loot whores, flakes, or unskilled non-gemmed, non-flasked, handout taking raiders. Respect each other by contributing to your fullest or understand you don't deserve the spot or loot this week because of contributing factors. This guild is meant to be fun, but it is not fun to lose, and if you don't perform you will be benched until we help you figure it out. Raids will be organized but not facist. We will not be elitist, but not expect you to have a poop sock. 

Raid times and expectations:
Players are expected to let it be known whether they can make certain raid nights; this is done by either declining on raid calendar or posting on discord guild attendance channel. Raid nights will be posted on in-game calendar in up-coming weeks. This is a progression guild and our goal is to play together and have fun while taking everyone's time seriously and downing bosses. Still, we will reiterate this is a marathon and not a sprint. It will be months and months until new content is released. Our goal is to not be burnt out by pushing multiple 25m raid nights with late night raids. The following new raid times will work to balance clearing content in-time while balancing real life responsibilities. 

Raid times shall be:
(Su, M – 6:30pm PST/9:30pm EST start --- 10pm PST/1:00am EST end)

Guild 25m night, players and expected to login and progress the guild in 25m content. During these raid nights players are REQUIRED to come flasked and potted.

Current Progression:
5/9 HM 25m Ulduar 

Loot Distribution:  
We use a loot council along with wish-list system. 

How to Join:
We strongly believe in actions not words. We don't care what you did or who you did it with....just show up and perform. 

Who to contact:    
Please contact Jigsgg, Tyrrany. Slyfe, Remic, or Gavistar in game, or visit us in discord. https://discord.gg/7D9Ygj





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Looking for a few more DPS to bolster our core.

Highest demand:

Enh Shaman



Ele Shaman



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