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<Scrub Club>
General info about the guild:
Raiding in Scrub Club is raiding with people who dont want WoW to feel like another few hours of mandatory work, or have it feel like another chore that needs to be done. People who raid here have alot more flexibility than other guilds due to what we offer and require. If you cannot handle banter, progress-oriented environments or following 100% what your raidleader tells you to do, this is NOT the guild for you.

What we expect from applicants:

• You have strong motivation to clear the higher end content
• You can raid at the times stated
• You come prepared to raids. This includes bringing the correct consumables, enchants and also includes doing prep on the encounters before we get to the raid.
• You have extensive knowledge of your class.
• You are mature and have a tolerant attitude towards other players and any suggestions/criticism put forward to you.
• Be willing to become part of a community of sociable players.

What to expect from us:

• A group of dedicated players who are pushing to clear the end content in a good time, based on the hours and days we raid.
• A solid community outside of raiding hours, most of our members have raided together on other servers and we have multiple ex-raiders still hanging around in Discord on a daily basis.
• A good raiding environment, where everyone is encouraged to put forward their ideas and contribute to our progress.

Raid Times:
Wednesday: 8PM-11PM ST (progression)
Thursday: 8PM-11PM ST (progression)
Sunday: 8PM-11PM ST (non-progression day, gearing up alts and stuff)
Keep in mind that it is required to be online at least 10 minutes before the raid starts!
Tanks : 1 feral & 1 blood DK
Dps : Hunter, DK, Enh & Ele shammy & Boomie
Healer : 1 Resto shaman & 1 Resto Druid
Also always looking for exceptional players aswell!
Contact info:
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Gladdos    0
On 6/14/2018 at 4:44 PM, Gladdos said:

Still looking for:

Dps : Ele Shaman, Hunter, Demo & Affli Lock

Healer : Disc priest


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