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Dungeon Finder Loot System?

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Ironia    1

Welcome Sunwell Team,
First of all my english is not the best but i will try my best. So let start my problem at the beginning. I am new player here, I came here from Elysium (vanilla server). I am really happy when find a new private server 1x and wotlk content. I start playing as a shaman and my plan to leveling in restoration talent tree. When i hit 15 lvl I joined to Dungeon Finder as a healer. After the first dungeon my observation is that I can not click on "NEED" button because it is grey and the item is "Cloth" that contains +spirit and +stamina. My question is the next, is it server option or something like this that i could not need on healer specific cloth items only just leather. I play this game so long time I know what is ninjalooting and greedy behavior, but it is a bit annoying that i click only on "GREED" button and no cloth wearer class (warlock/priest/mage) in the team and a tank warrior got it. 

As I mentioned I was playing on Elysium and Nostalrius. In Vanilla it is typical that healer wear cloth items such as paladin/druid/shaman for healing. Time changes in Wotlk content but under 70 lvl dungeon not drops new class special items.

So my main question is Is it server option that i can not need items what i could wear? or What is the wrong with Dungeon Finder system? 

Thanks for reading

P.S. Maybe better not to leveling as a healer if it is server option

Greetings, Ironia

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Iamthedoll    22

That's the blizzard loot system called need before greed which Blizz decided to be default for RDF's: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Need_Before_Greed

You can always ask people whether they really need those items and ask them for trading if they do not.

In wotlk there are may situations where BIS items are not class-specific armor type (eg. Leathers for warriors or pallys, cloth for druids - as you mentioned).


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