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[DK][H] Copenhagen Girls

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Copenhagen Girls is a semi-hardcore raiding guild founded by 6 IRL friends experienced from vanilla to legion mythic raiding. We recently arrived from another WOTLK server called Dalaran-Wow where we also had our own guild and cleared ICC HC. We are now seeking to fill another danish packed guild with experienced raiders who strive to optimise their wow performance. We dont have any gear requirements for you, other than to optimise what current gear you have. Know your class, be available for raid times and stay enthusiastic.

We raid twice a week (Sunday + tuesday) from 19.30-23.00 ST.

Visit us at our Website or /W any of the officers in-game


Tronalddump, Jizzineye, Cumonback, Didgeridoo, Drudidu, Bagsag.

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