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Hallo to all the people of the world.

As you know, and if you don't know, Frosthold has the transmogrification feature available.

Now, I have been playing wow on and off since 2012 only on private servers, why, because I can't afford it.

To the point, I played a long time on Gamer District. Where I mained a DK and they also have transmog available. I used a working, fabulous mogit version that I picked up from a link where serveral addons was posted together. I can't find it anywhere. Showed everything from tabards to legendaries, from event rewards to creating profiles.

Although, I redone my computer, lost that client. Now I got a problem. I can not for the love of earth find that mogit client.

Can anyone support me with a working WoTLK Mogit version, NOT WOWCIRCLE'S 🐕 💩 version.

Thank you

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