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LF NA late night / EU early raiding guild

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Mentoska    0


My name is Mentoska and I'm new here. 

I'm looking for guild that raids anywhere between 07:00 -  15:00 server time on weekdays (mon-fri). I can play any role, any class, but i prefer heal and dps. 
I'll need to start a new char though since I'm new on this server, but please don't let that to discourage you from contacting me.
I have experience with pretty much any WOTLK raid/heroic, can lvl kind of quickly and gear up fast aswell.

DM me if possible, if you are in server discord this is me: Trazzy#3314 , if not then you can leave your contact here and i'll try to reach you in game.

Hopefully I'll see some of you soon!

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