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[Report] Mandem - Padwan

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Artar    11

Your name - Deicus


Reported player's name - Mandem/Padwan
Date - 02/08/2020
Rule that was broken -

11. Fixed Arena and Battleground matches are strictly prohibited. Losing on purpose (wintrading/dropping MMR/etc.) will result in the following punishments:

  • 7 days of account suspension and no end-season prize in the first case;
  • 60 days of account suspension, no end-season prize and removal of all PvP items - in the second and all the next cases. In some situations there may even be a permanent ban.

Description - I'm pretty sure that Mandem and Padwan are both from the same player (he kinda had told me some time ago). He joined the BG match with both of them (Padwan/ally and Mandem/horde), afking with Padwan and resulting in an unfair match.
Evidence - In the screenshot you can see Mandem and Padwan in the same match, while in the video Mandem was moving with the flag while Padwan was on /follow, which then got broken and Padwan went still. I think you'll be able to see both chars logging from the same connection. https://youtu.be/eKxAiZi9w0o

Kind regards



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Azureuz    16


It's hard to notice if players was afking all the time or just in a moment while this bg match, also I cannot say if the player joined to the bg match at the beginning or just before the battleground end. 

We'll add this player to our watchlist and will monitor his behaviour while the future bg matches. 


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